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Datong securities Longsheng professional version V4.2

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-06
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Datong securities Longsheng professional version V4.2
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Datong securities Longsheng Professional Edition A new generation of online trading terminal, with a new interface style, compatible with the traditional Longsheng operating habits, set prices, trade, information and service in a transaction more secure online transactions to achieve the traditional financial terminal across:
- covering the whole market data, the global index, the market index, effective linkage information trust, you can browse in the stock of lightning current stock orders, can also browse information when the mouse click to enter the corresponding market.
- embedded transaction provides smooth experience for your orders, stock selection model to provide decision support for you, also support the margin, lightning orders, and other characteristics of batch transactions transaction function.
- page of information center provides professional information service for you, a day early reading, new columns and other information columns structured, rational layout.


1. of the new Shanghai Stock delisting risk warning and support.

2. of the new Shenzhen delisting support.

3. for the new Shenzhen B H shares transferred support.
4. new client login dynamic password authentication function.

5. new short-term financial inquiry.

6. new cash treasure related business.
7. risk evaluation function upgrade.

The increase of 8. multiplex transcoding machine address.

9. modify the IP address.

Personal homepage

The success of software displays the login page, including Longsheng new recommendation, today's headlines, important information, new tips, information disclosure and stock market calendar module, according to user zishuagu since the set of the latest disclosure of information the first time to appear in front of users.

The main data (value-added services)

Longsheng gold eye analysis system and the main data detection system provides Level-2 value-added data based on quantitative analysis, in-depth explanation, capital flows and capital nature, in essence, to avoid the warning for the majority of small and medium-sized investors to provide prompt and risk trading opportunities.


The F10 page form Longsheng new illustrations, breaking the original text F10 display limitations, increased data graphics, convenient for users to directly query the fundamentals of listed companies data.

The surrounding market

Covers international commodity futures, foreign exchange, global bond index, the macroeconomic data and according to the characteristics of each channel, Longsheng market are making different display modes, so that the first use of the user at a glance.

The Hong Kong stock market

Hong Kong stocks involved in investment is relatively large, Longsheng company will be arranged to the Hong Kong stock market sectors listed in Hong Kong stocks in the home, including the commonly used index and market information, announcement, CBBC warrant analysis and prompted investors and other information.


In the design of a program on the right sidebar, "navigation" and "search" and "formula" to "monitor" and common operating function of the shortcut icon listed above, is convenient for users to use switch.

Ear tag

In a different picture, for example, trend analysis, market shares, etc., the program left ear tags used for different picture switching function provided in the ear tag, convenient user interface switching

Intelligent system

According to Qian Longyuan's version of the upgrade, introduced the latest "formula" stock management "conditions" and "transaction testing" and "dynamic warning" function.

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