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IDEA 2017.3.5 finished version of the registration code package

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-03-22
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  IDEA 2017.3.5 finished version of the registration code package
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IDEA 2017 is a EAP integrated environment by the JetBrains company launched the latest development of the Java language. Java is one of the best tools. Almost no mouse can easily accomplish anything you want to do, the greatest degree of accelerating development speed. Simple and powerful. Flash Download Small to give us the finished version of the download, welcome to download.

Shortcut keys

1. write code with Alt-Insert (Code|Generate...) Can getter and setter methods to create a class inside any field.

2. press Ctrl-N and type the name of the class can quickly open any one class in the editor. From the drop-down list displayed in the selected class. The same way you can use Ctrl-Shift-N open the project in a non Java file.

3.Ctrl-D copy the current line, delete the current line Ctrl-Y.

4.Ctrl-Shift-u, Ctrl+Shift+alt+u class diagram, and then press alt-m.

5.Alt-F1, go back to where the current file directory structure.

6.Ctrl-Shift-v, some of the recent information copy paste.

7.Ctrl-Shift-F7, highlighting all the text, press Esc highlighted disappear.

8.Ctrl-E recently opened documents.

9.Ctrl-P method parameters.

10.Alt+ fast Up/Down mobile positioning method in between.

11.Ctrl+W check code, press will have other effects.

12.Shift + F6 select the directory structure of the file, rename

13.Ctrl + Alt + F12 to enter the file on the disk location

14.Ctrl + Shift + F file search

15.Ctrl + Shift + R to search the specified file and replace text

16.Ctrl + Shift +W to select a return code on the block state

17.Ctrl + Shift + J automatically the next line with the current line to the end

16.Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + E Switcher navigation and similar effect

17.Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the file to a disk path

The new software


Stop in lambda expression

Code formatter

Adjust the settings, through a quick fix

Run the application icon through the gutter

Find the path

preview pane

Fast DOC

You can click on the link

version control

On the side of the diff viewer and editor dialog box code

Mercurial queues

The development of Web

Polymer 1 and AngularJS 2 initial support

Tslint and typescript 1.5 better support

Database tools

Group object tool window

A new data source and driver dialog

OS X and Java version

Setup does not need Java 6

Switch IDE JDK start action

IDEA 2017 solution

IDEA cracked version of the 2017.3.5 Ultimate to download and install and activate JetbrainsCrack-2.7.jar tutorial

Localization method

In 1, the station to download and install IDEA 2017 package.

IDEA 2017 package full version
  • License: free software
  • Software type: Chinese software
  • Software language: Simplified Chinese
  • Software size: 13.42 MB
  • Update date: 2015-06-18
  • Operating environment: WinXP, Win2008, Win7, Win8

2, the.\ IDEA 2017\lib directory of the resources_en.jar file copy, and changed its name to resources_cn.jar.

3, double-click resources_cn.jar (note that it is not open decompression), all files in the zh_CN directory will download the finished package onto just open the resources_cn.jar file in the messages directory, and save.

4, copy the resources_cn.jar file to the IDEA\lib directory.\. Or speak directly copy finished package inside the resources_cn.jar to the.\ IDEA\lib directory.

5, finished after re open IDEA 2017 can display Chinese.


This version fixes a number of bug, for example:

IDEA-146334 (Usability Problem)
Provide shortcuts (Alt+key) for Invalidate caches window's buttons

IDEA-148075 (Usability Problem)
Situation with incompatible custom plugins could be treated more user-friendly

IDEA-147151 (Usability Problem)
IDE GUI reports expiration date even if the build is under fallback license

IDEA-144224 (Usability Problem)
Yellow'Find in file'highlighting is not readable when the same line is on the breakpoint.

IDEA-147859 (Usability Problem)
License dialog shows information message with date in local format, while error message with date in default forma
Download: IDEA 16 | IDEA 16 2016.1 crack version download Chinese version Chinese 

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