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Gameplus computer version v3.24.215.1010 latest edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2018-10-29
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Gameplus computer version v3.24.215.1010 latest edition
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The game Gaga, formerly known as "N20 game master formally renamed the game plus", is a professional game support tool dedicated to providing the most practical and intimate auxiliary functions for all kinds of computer games, so as to make up for the blank of Chinese software in the market of such software tools.

Functional characteristics:

Comprehensive, precise
Comprehensive display of function accuracy
Diverse and fluent
Multiple screenshots, game flow
Practical and intimate
Hotkey shielding practical use help: display
In order to allow players to have a comprehensive and clear understanding of the computer situation during the game, we provide the most professional hardware real-time data display.
The contents include:
1, display the number of FPS frames;
2, display CPU related information, including CPU occupancy and CPU temperature (supporting display of detailed CPU temperature).
3, display graphics card related information, including graphics card occupancy and graphics card temperature;
4, display memory occupancy;
5. Display the current hand speed.
6, show the current network situation, including the current download and upload speed and the total download and upload speed;
7, display IP (the connection server, including IP details);
8, display the time information, including the current time and running time;
9, players can customize the content and location displayed and the font and color displayed.
In order to record every exciting moment, we provide the best screenshots, the most screenshots and the most practical screenshots. 1, support manual screenshots, support custom screenshots hotkeys;
2, support automatic screenshots, according to the player's custom time, automatic screenshots;
3, support hand speed screenshots, can be customized according to the player's speed, automatic screenshots;
4, support BMP, PNG, JPG format;
5, support custom screenshot storage path.
Hot key
In order to enable players to get the best game experience and avoid the interference of various hotkeys, we provide the most intimate hotkey shielding function. 1, players can choose to shield the following hotkey:
"Shift" bonding key;
"Win" key;
"Ctrl+ space" key;
"Ctrl+Shift" input method toggle hotkeys.
2, players can choose the following shortcuts according to their own needs:
"Ctrl+Alt+F5" reduces mouse speed;
"Ctrl+Alt+F6" increases mouse speed;
"Ctrl+Alt+F7" hot key prohibition;
"Ctrl+Alt+F8" hot button volume reduction;
"Ctrl+Alt+F9" hotkey volume increases.
Set up
1, you can choose whether to start with Windows.
2, automatically release the memory according to the player's custom time interval.
3, provide N2O game master quotes function, (side bang bang, side ha ha ha. Do you want this yourself?)


1. added the Jedi super assistant (dark detail adjustment function), so that you can experience the function of the electric display monitor through the assistant, and help to see the enemy hiding in the darkness of the game screen. This function will not affect FPS.
2. added the Jedi survival super assistant [digital vibration function] to adjust the scene saturation and purity, which does not affect FPS.
3. added the best refresh rate of the Jedi super assistant, which can set the current display to the highest refresh rate and increase visual fluency.
4. added the interface of display team system at the main point of visual report point.
5. optimize the visual interface of warrior system.
6. repair some users to use Jedi survival super assistant PUBG++ intelligent team hall to click into the room invalid, while creating room invalid problem;
7. fixed some users to use the Jedi survival super assistant optimization to reset the game invalid.
8. repair some users after optimization completed in game settings from high to medium, optimization of high grade problems;
9. fixed some users in the game closed PUBG++ intelligent team, after the end of the game to return to the hall and opened the problem.
Download address
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