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Computer drawing software (MediBang Paint Pro comics) v20.0 free version of the /win/mac version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-31
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Computer drawing software (MediBang Paint Pro comics) v20.0 free version of the /win/mac version
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MediBang Paint Pro Is a free professional cartoon drawing software, this software can let you easily draw beautiful cartoon. I believe many illustrators who know CloudAlpaca this software, MediBang Paint Pro This software is renamed to, this software is easy to frame segmentation, and have the screen color. In addition to the production process data stored in the cloud. There are ready-made software and a large number of city, station and other material, greatly reduces the time required to make cartoon background.

Convenient management, adequate function

Brush brush fix! The cartoon lattice cutting function

Free 700 or more

Not limited to computer brand, can also use the Mac


Cloud backup, secure data storage

Everyone will use the simple interface

Amazing perfect line


May be associated with the MangaName, you can draw

Simple submission function! Click to share with the world

Together to create a team happy with you

1. general functions



The color window
The annular palette color palette square, adjust brightness and chroma.

The brush preview window
You can preview the brush settings. On the left is right is the brush, can confirm the effect of drawing out.

The brush control window
The upper can set the brush size, lower section can set the opacity.

The window brush
Have set the brush will be shown. Double click on the brush, can change the settings.

The navigation window
You can preview all confirm the canvas, can also expand and shrink, rotation, reverse.

The layers window
And can be deleted, making the layer opacity or mixed change.

The function of 2.Cloud

The Internet display board
According to the Internet (startup display board login screen).
Is the login status The state is unknown, .
Just start without landing, just click here to login from midway.

In the open MediBang
"MediBang Paint" landing, you can use the "MediBang" button in the open.
Use "MediBang Paint" of the painting, you can easily contribute to "MediBang.".

Project board
Display project (project window management board).
When the state is open project No, when the state is open .

The material Icon
This icon shows Click to open the canvas That would open the window material.

Window material
You can use the "problem" and "mode" and "tone" and "props" 4 material.
The "model" in 2015 years 2 months, at the present stage is in preparation.
When logged in, click on the Cloud Icon Can download each material to Cloud. Also support the user made.


MediBang Paint Pro Version 20 update log
The new [function]
The new old scene begins to dynamically generate the color function.
Can set the pen pressure sensitivity
- in the menu "file" - "brush" to change the environment setting
A fixed output, through the 8bit project material defect layer
Fixed when using a mobile tool, click the right button to select the range of defects will disappear.
A slight error correction.
Download address
High speed download download download address: the need for priority
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