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I love a customized version of Baidu SkyDrive V6.4.0 Baidu cloud cloud housekeeper 2019 unlimited speed version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-04
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 I love a customized version of Baidu SkyDrive V6.4.0 Baidu cloud cloud housekeeper 2019 unlimited speed version
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Baidu cloud PC client has slightly updated housekeeper to v6.4.0 version control updates go! Now the station has more crack speed limit to optimize the download privileges special edition, Baidu cloud pure clean green special edition worth using! Not satisfied with the speed can be held almost full speed with the patch! Baidu SkyDrive offers you the file backup, synchronization and sharing service network. Large space, fast speed, safety and stability, accelerate the support of education network, support mobile phone terminal. Baidu cloud housekeeper, support convenient to view, upload and download all kinds of cloud data. Through the document, not accounting for local space. File upload and download process is more stable, not because of unexpected problems, such as network browser interruption, large file transfer more stable.

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Update log:

The Baidu PC version of SkyDrive V6.3.2 update: October 2018 09
To update the content:
1, repair of partial collapse
The Baidu PC version of SkyDrive V6.3.0 update: 2018 13 March 09
To update the content:
1, the new [recently], you quickly find the most recently used content
2, the new video playback speed privilege


Break the log:

0x1. remove four ugly force cubes.
0x2. remove VIP display.
Remove the 0x3. Message button
0x4. change on the page
0x5. beginners guide
Remove 0x6. virtual drive
0x7. open the local members
0x8. show_member_privilege_tip, member of TIPs closed
0x9. show_netspeeddetect_tip, closing speed TIPs
0xA. device_id device_token device_name, forgery, anti tracking. (said to have been removed this)
0xB. remove the P2P moth, remove the P2P heartbeat packet, remove P2P TCP/UDP (synchronous way is to change the sleep is 99999999)
0xC. adjust the following statistics
Remove the 0xD. upload and download detection, (may prevent titles)
Is the way to achieve the change
0xE. remove user log upload and removal, is the way to achieve the following changes to 0x7FFFFFFF
0xF. remove the first 15s download speed is 51KB. (of course, now you can ignore this)
0x10. automatic updates
This I did not analysis Perfection The way to realize, not sure whether he has removed this wretched update. I also had to temporarily.
What a wretched law?
Because he is not the start update is not a fixed detection, event detection update, he is a random time to update detection trigger.
How do I know? I spent a few hours out in front of the computer!!!
Random number estimation is used, probably for the border 144000 Between 288000 milliseconds.
Here is unified to 0x7FFFFFFF..
0x11. remove the default refresh refresh waiting, waiting for a second. May be in order to save the server resources.
0x12. remove the non member upload size limit, a member of 0x7FFFFFFF, the basic is no limit. This do not test, because it can not find large files.
0x13. suddenly thought of another way to organize the kernel updates, p2psdkautoupdate shield
0x14. is the name of the software is changed" Baidu cloud clean "
-------Next todo:
The next step is to replace the file format icon, personal feel ugly explosion..
The last edition to see the snow, is 4.61.
But as a pull pin Tahan, although there is a Ailuo Li heart, but also do not come out Lolita. If someone can do a set of the file icon, please contact me.

On this version features

Login is a local VIP member crack speed download privileges limit, download speed, time unlimited speed full speed!

The browser support association call, launched the "Baidu cloud is not the speed limit.Exe to! You need to choose a QQ or micro-blog landing!

Break the poison do not like do next

Baidu SkyDrive PC client now download speed is now increasingly stringent restrictions, the client also joined the verification difficult to modify, now the site to share a cracked limit Baidu SkyDrive VIP accelerated version, pro test many versions of this version only, still looking for the cracked version of the friend is worth using! Don't waste 360 poison, love do not download!
2018.2.8 classic version update
Decompression, create a shortcut, click on the download to try
The number of click every day trial no more than twice, otherwise it will receive prompt speed of service failure
Tips: Can't log in directly, need to bind micro-blog or QQ quick login, bound here Click here to go to


The Baidu PC version of SkyDrive V6.0.0 update: 2018 01 March 02
To update the content:
1, the new interface is simple and efficient, take on an altogether new aspect.

Decompression password:
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