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The latest version of the PC night simulator

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-18
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest version of the PC night simulator
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Android night simulator, a new generation of artifact play computer Mobile Games, Android is currently the only night simulator using a kind of mobile phone interface design PC remote desktop software, using core technology (based on the Android4.4.2 kernel running on the computer in the needle depth development), with leading speed and stable performance in similar simulator. Game player can through the software to play mobile phone games on the computer, feel a bigger screen, faster and more perfect experience.
 The official version of PC 1.1.3 night simulator

Performance characteristics

Install the game APK compatibility

The night simulator solves the compatibility problem of X86/AMD, and supports a variety of APP download (Android system), without the two compilation

Game interface

Can be run directly compatible with the market existing applications and games, can support the windows operating system.

In the simulator installation is completed through the night game center directly download all kinds of computer game version, game or by searching the APK installation package (installation package can be installed directly into the simulator from the desktop) can solve the ROOT permissions; [3];

The operation of the game

For the operation of high demand "," national scuffle swims on the west "miracle" and other games, no Caton phenomenon, but also in the computer screen to display, the whole game manipulation and vision have been improved. Computer performance is largely better than the mobile phone and pad. [3]

Control experience

For the maximum demands of convenience and simulator is mainly reflected in the operation of the smooth operation of the main aspects. For the night in the simulator, kernel technology

Handle interface

To solve the decision speed of operation.

The night when the first Android simulator will start warm guidance on virtual key settings, can let the game player familiar with the product operation, to enhance the gaming experience

Function introduction

Speed faster than the previous generation simulator more than half

The download is complete, Android will automatically start the night simulator, simulator moment into the page, click the Browse button, you can browse the web, you can also download the application on the web page. You can also click on the "download" button to download games directly to the simulator.

Game experience

Android unique key night simulator simulation function, can realize the control and direction of the muzzle key, and support OpenGL 3D accelerated, more open, full screen and other characteristics.

Common function: humanization design flexible

The geographical position can be freely selected simulation, virtual location, such as when playing monster marbles to the service station, a local area simulator set in Hongkong, for the team.

Shake, shake the function of red computer realization.

Screenshot function, click, click sound, you can complete the screen operation, easy game player team chat.

The game features: auxiliary auxiliary function of caring and careful setting

Android night simulator, can adjust the display resolution of the Android screen, both cross screen display to a game player, vertical screen or analog mobile phone display, can find the right settings.

Help set up and functions of the auxiliary feedback, click Help and feedback will open the official forum, the user can feedback the problem, get help, or communicate with other users.


1. reduce the usage in the game simulator loading and running in CPU, improve fluency
2. optimization of OpenGL mode "vibrato" operation stability
3. repair a few cases within the game to switch scene shooting mode failure
The 4. part repair machine voice in the game in the process of loading carton or no sound problem

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