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NetEase master computer version official version of the Windows version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-14
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 NetEase master computer version official version of the Windows version
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The lightning bar to share master NetEase released Windows for personal computer version of the PC platform. Many online is to use the simulator to download, this software is genuine official website to download, without any simulator. NetEase launched Windows version of the master computer, not only can provide users with efficient mail in PC platform office experience, can let users between PC and mobile equipment seamless shuttle, greatly facilitated office users!

Function introduction

Master the computer version of the NetEase launched the universal email client products, support NetEase mailbox, QQ mail, Gmail, Hotmail, mail and other 139. The master mailbox has made a number of optimization, in order to achieve millisecond operation experience, receive mail only 0.1s, open the mail client client mail speed 0.03s, 0.1s loading speed, intelligent cloud adapter server settings, eliminating the need for users to set the Server Options button on the trouble free mail, business mail, the mail. Truly the ultimate user experience. Need friends, welcome to download!

Functional characteristics

Real time push: new messages arrive in time, not only the key, and thoughtful

The ultimate security: the highest security level of domestic mail system; EAL2 information security certification; virus mail filtering close to 100%

Support all e-mail: full support for NetEase, QQ, Gmail, 139, Outlook and other major mailbox

Xiaobian comments

By virtue of the excellent product grinding and serious product artisan spirit, NetEase was strongly favored by the master mailbox user since the line, firmly occupy an important position in the field of high office, has become a necessary tool for office users. The launch of the Windows version of the master computer NetEase, NetEase will further strengthen the master to provide more comprehensive and thoughtful service in high office users.

Download address
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