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XP/vx download + + tutorial material package Chinese Chinese version of RPG game master Chinese edition download

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  • Update: 2017-11-22
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  XP/vx download + + tutorial material package Chinese Chinese version of RPG game master Chinese edition download
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XP from Japan Enterbrain company developed a RPG game software. This offer is V1.03 Chinese version. To make a nonprogrammers can make a fine of RPG and other types of game software. It allows players to make in a computer game as popular role-playing the game, which is Role-Playing Game (RPG) software. The finished game, even in the absence of Maker XP to install RPG computer can run.
RPG game master ( XP) features
High precision screen
Support for 640 x 480 pixels resolution 32 color color image. Alpha Channel (corresponding to each pixel, transparency) by processing the performance of soft smooth, translucent. Picture synthesis method can also increase the synthesis, usually add translucent synthesis and subtraction synthesis. The font and automatic mapping, no bold eye-catching.
Use the software to play music as BGM, the main use of DirectMusic Synthesizer MIDI player. Because the software to play, so you can't use other formats instead of manufacturing musical material must be considered not corresponding to the various MIDI music. In the production process can be normal playback of MIDI files, can also be played normally in other environments.
A flexible and powerful scripting system
Making use of RPGXP to complete the game, the script is written in the Ruby language. Pre written script can produce unique and interesting games, it is for more advanced game production needs to prepare, it can be used to screen design, preparation of combat system, and all the elements of the game. The use of RPG type of game script than is possible.
Of course, RpgMakerXP comes with a very rich material, that is to say, you want to make a game, don't have to search for material can directly make a beautiful RPG game.

EB agency discloses the latest "RPG master series RPG maker VX" (RPG, VX, in their), its price is 9800 yen (excluding tax), release date of December 27th.
RPG is a master even do not understand programming knowledge can create a simple original RPG game tools, just draw the map and set the monster, props, magic and so on finally can complete my own RPG game.
The tool itself with the material library, which contains a variety of graphics characters, monster graphics, map elements, background music and sound effects and so on are available to the user, even if you can't draw, can also become a game maker, you can also add their own MIDI, WAV or OGG format audio files, and the introduction of his paintings the material in your game.
The game made not only can in their own machine operation, can also be a CD-ROM, released to the network even on sale, so that everyone can enjoy your work.
The "new" the elements of RPG maker VX
Automatic mapping function return
Head return function
The default new material library
The character map default size is 32 foot x 32 pixels
Change font free
Hold down the Shift key to run the move (you can set related equipment)
Play the animation speed (30FPS, 60FPS)
The option is more perfect
In addition to "RPG VX" production master will be more suitable for beginners to use, in addition to automatically draw the map, maze, mobile, and other events will also treasure the door
You can easily complete the.
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