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* Mobile Games simulator v4.0.11 latest leaves unlimited Edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-09-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 * Mobile Games simulator v4.0.11 latest leaves unlimited Edition
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By the famous game portal network game * leaves after 3 months of research and development, the new V2.0 * leaves Mobile Games simulator unlimited edition officially released today! The 2 version in the succession of the original features, the most important is the increase of the long anticipated "open" function.

Here we take a look at the various functions of the simulator V2.0 Mobile Games * leaves. (the following screenshot to dream Mobile Games for example)

1, an unlimited number of open

The so-called infinite open, is on the same computer, with a simulator program, to achieve a number of windows open at the same time the state of the game. Leaves open the Mobile Games * simulator because it is only open a simulator engine, so compared with other multi brand meeting simulator become more fluent.

Similarly, if the game player computer configuration is good enough, the theory can be achieved 5, or even more, especially suitable for round Mobile Games and team function Mobile Games.

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *
Screenshot for the open at the same time two simulator running live
Claiming to be 2, custom simulator

Game player can according to their own needs, increase the number of simulator on the desktop.

The new simulator, just click on the desktop "+" icon, then you want to use this simulator to play the game of LOGO, then give the simulator named, finally click on the confirmation can be completed to increase operation simulator. Leaves * Mobile Games simulator to open the next time, can quickly decide which one is which belong to the game simulator, and it is big or small.

Of course, the leaves open * Mobile Games simulator version is not restricted to play a game with game player only. You can dream of playing Mobile Games at the same time, you can also open other games to run west scuffle and so on, and satisfy the needs of game player.

 Leaves Mobile Games simulator 2.0 unlimited edition *

Game player can be customized for each simulator name and icon in the new simulator

3, exclusive toolbox

Located in the Mobile Games simulator toolbox exclusive right, click on the right side of the border Mobile Games simulator arrow icon can be folded and unfolded, toolbox.

In the use of simulator game player when playing the game, always meet some problems such as. Before the advent of Mobile Games simulator, game player may be by asking Baidu, go to the forum, see the official website and so on ways to find the answer, but this way is not easy. * leaves for the polymerization of Mobile Games simulator game toolbox, almost all the problems in the game can meet all the answers, is convenient and efficient welfare.

 Leaves Mobile Games simulator 2.0 unlimited edition *

4, keyboard shortcuts

When the end of the Mobile Games play, is so capricious! Use the keyboard shortcut, whether to open or close the window of cysts, open the map, can be realized on the keyboard. The liberation of the need to continue to drag the heavy game player mouse. We will according to the different characteristics of the game, making the corresponding characteristics of the shortcut key bit by bit. Keyboard + mouse, to restore the original end tour.

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *

Press F2 to open the keyboard shortcut, but need to chat when typing game player, need to put "keyboard shortcuts" off (press the keyboard F2, again to close, can normal typing).

Press F3 to open the keyboard shortcut editor. Click the left mouse button to set the shortcut key position, you can edit the shortcut keys.

Here, small quietly told the game player automatically loaded, keyboard shortcuts can use. The method is to realize the keyboard shortcut Wizard button and combine the specific operation Wizard button in this is not the details. Anyway, it means that the wizard button repeatedly press a few original set shortcut keys, so that they can do some small automatic on hook. Of course, there is no need to worry about this game player will be the title.

5, BOSS key

Boss is a key to minimize the Mobile Games emulator windows Zhagang to avoid the boss. Click on the game player Mobile Games simulator frame "minimize" button on the left side of the window, which can enter the setup interface, the system is set up in the game player can modify the boss key shortcuts.

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *
6, the window can be top

Game player can click on the "Mobile Games simulator frame window top button, can make the simulator into the top state. Open top, no matter what game player open window page, Mobile Games simulator always stay at the top, not blocked to sight. Of course, game player again click "window top" button, you can cancel the top state.

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *
7, system settings

In system settings, game player can modify the shortcut keys of the boss according to their own needs, can detect the update simulator version, you can download the popular game NetEase;

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *
8, support input method

For the convenience of game player typing experience, Mobile Games simulator with Baidu input method, without the need for a separate download game player. If the game player has its own Baidu thesaurus, in Mobile Games simulator desktop click on Baidu LOGO, then landing Baidu account into the lexicon synchronization.

The simulator is the default start Chinese input method, when the game player needs to enter the English, only the "Shift+ space", you can achieve English input, press the "Shift+ space" again, you can switch back to the Chinese input method.

Of course, how the game player not used Baidu input method, you can also open the browser on the desktop Mobile Games simulator (Baidu browser), search their common input method, directly in the simulator to download and install, and then through the input method can be set as default.

9, the window size can be adjusted

The window is adjusted Mobile Games simulator. Game player just put the mouse cursor on the Mobile Games simulator frame, drag to resize the window. Whether playing games or watching video, open can handle it. Changes in the window, on the right side of the toolbar will automatically stop, to facilitate better operation of the game player.

10, download more games and installation

Game player can download popular desktop simulator Mobile Games Mobile Games "to download their love of the Mobile Games, Download details can click the green arrow to see the desktop Mobile Games simulator.

Mobile Games to download the installation package after the success of the installation package on the computer desktop, left click the installation package, drag the main interface to the simulator can be automatically installed free, let go. The installation is simple and convenient, save a lot of tedious steps.

Note: install the game after game player just click on the upper right corner of the desktop Simulator "menu", you can see just installed the game. Press the game icon onto the desktop simulator can create shortcuts on days after use.

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *
11, Mobile Games safety simulator

Mobile Games pass without any advertising links in any game player interference simulator, there is no need to worry about stuff during the game, there is no need to worry about some rogue software download bundled computer and so on lead poisoning. 360, Kingsoft, Baocuo can click trust, 360 rogue too! QQ Butler running without any problems.

12, game player feedback area

Mobile Games simulator has always been to ideas for the first game player. In the process of using the Mobile Games simulator game player, encounter any problems, or have any comments on the Mobile Games simulator, can feedback Oh! What, don't know feedback function where? In the top Mobile Games simulator, resembles a dialog box icon, click on the area you will be able to get feedback.

 Leaves Mobile Games Simulator 2 unlimited edition *
Note: during the installation process, if there are 360 antivirus software bomb box error, please choose to allow trust. Why wrong? Small guess is probably 360's too brutal! He could not identify his file, all give error. Try to use small QQ Butler installation is without any error.

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