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Chinese commemorative edition of modern Chinese Dictionary

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 Chinese commemorative edition of modern Chinese Dictionary
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The sixth edition of the modern Chinese dictionary is a Chinese Dictionary Revised and issued by the Chinese Commercial Press. It is revised by the dictionary editing room of the Institute of linguistics, Chinese Academy of social sciences. Jiang Lansheng, a famous linguist, member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and director of the Department of Philosophy of literature, chaired the revision. It was published by the commercial press in June 2012. Many netizens are looking for an electronic version of this dictionary. The lightening bar has brought the latest version of the official download to you, welcome to download.

 Modern Chinese Dictionary official website Commemorative Edition

Library catalogue


General rule


New and old glyph comparison table

radical index

(1) radical catalogue

(two) character list

(three) index of difficult word strokes

the dictionary proper

(with the words at the beginning of the western character)


Chinese Chronicles

Unit of measurement

Chinese character name list

Hanyu Pinyin scheme

Periodic table of ele ments

map of China

The main contents of this revision are

(1) carefully determine the glyph and the pronunciation of the word according to the standard and standard; sort out the short and complex relations of the prefaces; and add more than 600 words (place names, surnames and names of scientific and technical characters), and collect more than 13000 types of characters.

(2) to increase nearly 3000 new words and other words, add more than 400 new meanings, delete a few old words and meanings, and receive more than 69000 entries.

(3) referring to the revised version of the basic rules of the Chinese phonetic alphabet orthography by the working committee of the national language and writing committee, the study group has revised the phonetic notation of the items in the research group and the "Putonghua soft tone words standardization".

(4) taking the meaning as the main criterion, we have adjusted the division of the homonymous homonyms, and adjusted the number of the main and subordinate clauses of a group of heteromorphic words according to the theories of science and the use of language.

(5) to make a comprehensive revision of the definitions according to categories (such as "spoken words, dialectal words, classical Chinese words, specialized words, Loanwords and Western lettered words"), and make a unified revision of the definitions, such as "metaphor, description, borrowing", etc.

(6) reexamined part of speech tagging. Based on maintaining the original part of speech tagging system, the tagging of parts of speech of minority words was revised.

(7) in the light of the principles of better coordination, interpretation, usage and enlargement of lexical information, corresponding additions and deletions and modifications are made to examples and examples.

(8) with the interpretation, nearly 100 illustrations of ancient artifacts were added.

(9) revision of the list and appendix has been made in accordance with relevant standards and new research results.

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