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Modern Chinese dictionary Chinese Commemorative Edition

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 Modern Chinese dictionary Chinese Commemorative Edition
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The modern Chinese dictionary the 6 version is Chinese press revised and issued by the Chinese dictionary query tool, China Language Institute of Social Sciences dictionary editing room revised, famous linguists, academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese literary and philosophical faculty director Jiang Lansheng presided over the revised. Published by the commercial press in June 2012. Many users in the electronic version of the dictionary to find the download, lightning bar small to give us the official download the latest version, welcome to download.

 The official website of commemorative edition of modern Chinese Dictionary

Book catalog



Syllable table

New font table

radical index

(a) list of radicals

(two) index

(three) to check the word stroke index

the dictionary proper

(report of the West letters at the beginning of the term)


China's ancient era table

The unit of measurement table

Chinese characters names of radicals

The scheme for the Chinese phonetic alphabet

Periodic table of ele ments

map of China

The main content of this revision is

(1) grapheme and phoneme is determined in accordance with the standard of prudent; the relationship is simplified, prefix carried out; more than 600 (added to name names and place names, characters, technology oriented) received a total of more than 13000 kinds of words.

(2) increasing new words and other words of nearly 3000, more than 400 new additions, delete the words and their meaning a little old, received a total of more than 69000 items.

(3) according to the research group of the revision of the National Language Work Committee "and" the basic rules of Chinese phonetic alphabet "Mandarin Word" r-coloring words softly Specification Research Group's opinion, on the purpose of phonetic notation has been revised.

(4) the significance as the main criterion of homonyms and to do the adjustment; according to the actual science and language use, adjustment of a number of variants of main and auxiliary bar.

(5) by category (such as "colloquial words, dialect words, classical Chinese words, special words and loan words, letter words") to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the revision of the interpretation, interpretation of cue words (such as "metaphor, adjective, refers to") also made a unified revision.

(6) review the lexical category labeling, while keeping the original lexical category labeling system, a few words on the revised lexical category labeling.

(7) in a better fit, reflect the usage and principle of expanding information of vocabulary, for example words and sentences made to delete and modify the corresponding.

(8) with the addition of nearly a hundred pieces of interpretation of ancient artifacts of the illustrations.

(9) according to the relevant standards and the latest research results of the revised index and appendix.

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