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6 download the finished Chinese version of top out Ma5 Chinese teacher

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  • Update: 2017-09-07
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  6 download the finished Chinese version of top out Ma5 Chinese teacher
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6 download the finished Chinese version is more and more popular architecture / landscape visualization software, used to make the scene animation and static frame works, see.

Recently (November 3rd Release), Act-3D B.V. released the latest 6 brings more kind of function (including larger content library), visual effect is more amazing and more powerful hardware requirements.

support for import extensive mainstream file, can quickly and efficiently design / planning / presentation process. Official support software: Trimble SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Bentley Microstation, Nemetscheck Allplan, Nemetscheck Vectorworks, Rhinoceros 3D, Studio Max and other CAD tools.

The effects on the removal of various visual effects this time the original increase can add various graphic content effects in the film...... Don't know music can edit the estimation in the past few years can save video software pipeline after all is to do as a partial late design software this time it seems that developers gradually began to consider some things to cut the film when the design of the 0 division.

This is the absolute welfare SKP files can directly support the turf and before hanging fried days dead disgusting lump of a piece of grass and eventually a breeze can.

The important function of

Create a scene rendering and reduced to just a few minutes
Package into 3D from Google SketchUp, Autodesk 3D and many other software products
Increase of 3D model and material
Through the use of lightning fast GPU rendering technology, 3D can edit the scene in real time
Use the built-in video editor, create a very attractive video
The output of HD MP4 file, stereo video and print high resolution image
Support on-site demonstration


allows you to spend more time to improve your design and interact with customers, and less time to prepare and wait for rendering. Compatible with almost all CAD software, can interoperate seamlessly, to meet the rapid iterative design and model innovation. Fast rendering allows you to quickly display your design to your customers. To save your time, energy and money Improve work flow.

6 new
Image quality is the distinction between a great demonstration of good. This is why the material, reflections, shadows and lighting has been brought to 6, these functions and hundreds of other improvements to a new level by the rendering engine overhaul is enabled. As a result, now more than ever more urgent and realistic. offers excellent image. Find some exciting new features below.

New features

A more realistic rendering, due to the improvement of the material, reflections, shadows and lighting, lifelike rendering glass (transparent, translucent or matte), based on material physics, now a more accurate simulation of natural and other 3D CAD software exists on the surface roughness

To improve the interoperability (Intelligent import inspection and repair of some types of common errors of 3D model, more reliable and faster import documents, support.FBX16 files)

Freedom fall enhanced the generation effect, improves the realism of the sky, the 3D animation into silhouette, expand the object library (animation, new plants and trees).

The new technology of PureGlass *

The glass is widely used in building and good visualization, it is precisely present. Glass rendering took a huge leap in Pro 6. The student original article, the PureGlass based technology, you can access the transparent or translucent frosted glass, looks ever more urgent and realistic.

Speedray Reflections* reflection

It is impossible to create a nice glass, if not a good reflection of water, marble, wood or metal surface. True to life realistic reflective material. Speedray Reflections provides the opportunity to improve the image quality of large and extra rendering time. In the reflection Pro 6 in a shake switch automatically improve.

Hyperlight fine light

Fine light changes between natural and artificial images tend to make one of the poor. In real life the color between the surface complex optical rebound results. Hyperlight 2 Calculation on the surface of the light Hyperlight, a new technology based on Pro 5 introduced eight times Pro 6 more accurately than the more light is scattered over long distances and additional details are visible within a short distance.


Good is the essence of good shadow image requirements. Important visual clues about the geometry and structure are lost without it. left the shadow and object of this type looks like they are part of a true scene. The new OmniShadow technology to strengthen the small details, make models feel more solid, better look through the shadows. They provide an object ground for you, and look at in the feeling of the scene. 6 now has OmniShadow because of the improvement of small and large scene.

To improve the surface of the material

Material is the basic part of any building design. In 6, the physical modeling materials now accurately simulate the present on the surface roughness based on natural. As a result, the overall appearance of the reflection and the surface looks more realistic. This is a page of cloth material, rubber, wood, characters, landscape and floor surface especially.

Wet Asphalt wet asphalt

Wet look asphalt is a bystander effect on the subconscious, it can convey additional meaning to reality and art on the subtle influence. For example, parking lot or large open areas can, if they look a little wet, as if it had just stopped raining change. At 6, added a new wet asphalt material makes it very simple, art into the scene the sense of realism.

Depth of Field effect to enhance the depth of field effect

The effect of Autumn Generator effect autumn atmospheric environment

Animation spotlight the color effect of Animated Spotlight Colors effect

The effect of Styrofoam foam effect

Mobile support groups curve path

The sky is more real

The new object library (20 3D character animation, a new set of 77 plants, 135 new trees, 3D animation silhouette)

6 workflow

1. and 5.7 compared to improve the rendering speed of 11%

2. provide a network platform can publish and share your work

3. model types of introducing more reliable and fast

6 video introduction

The installation method of crack

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