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Altium designer 2014 14.3.16 Chinese version with crack file

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  • Update: 2018-11-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Altium designer 2014 14.3.16 Chinese version with crack file
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Altium designer 2014 download crack is a circuit design of an PCB design software company Altium development of the foreign network. This software through the principle diagram design, circuit simulation, PCB drawing editing topology automatically wiring, output signal integrity analysis and design technique. To improve the quality and efficiency of the circuit design. Welcome to download.

software function

Support and flexible combination of hardware and software design

Hardware circuit combines with rigid circuit processing and flexible circuit diversity. Most of the components placed on the rigid circuit, and then connected with the flexible circuit, they can twist, bend, fold into small or unique shape. Altium Designer supports the use of the software and hardware circuit of electronic design, open the door for more innovation. It also provides a smaller package of electronic products, saving materials and production costs, increase durability.

The enhancement layer stack management

Altium layer 4-32 layer stack management support. The main stack single layers, so as to define an arbitrary number of sub stack. They can be placed in the soft circuit of different regions, promote the cooperation and communication between the stack. Altium Designer 14 enhanced layer stack manager, can quickly and intuitively define the main and auxiliary stack.

Vault content repository

The use of Altium Designer14 and the upcoming release of Altium Vault, the data can be reliably from a Altium Vault directly copied to another. It can not only supplement can also be modified, but the basic footprint layer set and symbol can be automatically converted, to meet your organization standards.
Altium after the release of Vault 1.2 options

The design of reinforced plate

Altium Designer14 includes a series of requirements of the circuit board design our technology. We use a new differential pair routing tool, when the gap changes always keep the impedance tracking. The mosaic has been significantly improved and give good results and greater control.

Support for embedded components

PCB stack embedded components, can reduce the occupied space, support higher frequencies, reduce signal noise, improve signal integrity. Altium Designer 14 supports embedded discrete components in the assembly process, can be used as individual manufacturing, and placed in the inner circuit.

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