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Pro 7 (v3.6.51) Chinese crack version download powerful mind map tool

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  • Update: 2018-07-02
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Pro 7 (v3.6.51) Chinese crack version download powerful mind map tool
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Pro 7 Professional Edition is a global leader in the "visual thinking" tool for enterprises to create a new visual office platform, to assist the user to quickly capture the creativity and inspiration. Through an intuitive and friendly graphical interface, idea, strategy and business information into action blueprint, improve enterprise work efficiency.
Visual information platform: Pro 7 Chinese flexible version brings visual information expression is simple and flexible, the key business information will be more direct, in the enterprise internal flow more smoothly. To quickly create a graphical theme document, add branch topic and other related tasks, planning and information mapping different ideas directly related by a simple operation, adding number and color to highlight important information in order to achieve the purpose of using a dividing line, similar ideas into groups, icons and images to facilitate their browsing and others the map, hierarchy and relationship between different spatial visual information interpretation of key points, more easy to understand and express.
Easily organize information: drag and drop adjustment logic relation and hierarchical structure, help users easily organize my messy thoughts and the explosion of information, make you faster development ideas, build a more perfect plan.
Make cooperation more smoothly: Based on the Eclipse RCP XMIND MS Office, Open Office and seamless link, for the team to provide various information display mode. Through the image of brainstorming and plan to save time, and then the content is derived into images, PDF documents, the final integration to guide project management tools.
Pro files can be free of decomposition, integration and association. The strategic target in each stage of implementation time decomposition, system optimization and adjustment, when the target is completed and can easily be at every stage of the implementation process and results together, between the XMIND file can be associated with figure, add the file associated with the local changes can be automatically mapped to other files associated with the establishment of is an effective tool to improve the target management, process control and improvement, project management, time and task management.
Submit a powerful report: using the Pro model will show your graphics to others, or graphics content is exported to Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, the complex ideas and information exchange to get faster.
To maximize the performance of the office: Pro can help to maximize the business people and groups in the least time to complete the task. The use of these proven content organization method, can improve the efficiency and accelerate the process of decision-making meeting.
Pro (thinkmap software) characteristics
Pro can not only draw the mind map, but also draw the fishbone diagram, two-dimensional map, tree diagram, logic diagram, structure diagram (Org, Tree, Logic, Chart, Fishbone). And can easily convert between these forms show. You can import the MindManager FreeMind data file. Look, the custom node flexible insert icon. Rich style and theme. Output format: HTML, pictures.
1, management thinking
Pro are widely used in business and education. In the enterprise it can be used for conference management, project management, information management, planning and time management, enterprise decision analysis; in the field of education, it is usually used for teacher preparation, curriculum planning, brainstorming etc..
2, business presentations
Pro is considered to be a new generation of the demo mode, the traditional software generally in a linear way to express things, XMIND for the demonstration, provides a structured presentation mode for people, presentation at the Pro, it always provides two dimensions of horizontal and vertical for further expansion for users, so users in your presentation, according to the audience and on-site feedback timely adjust the presentation, the audience interested in the topic, can explain vertical depth and mining, for the audience not too concerned can quickly jump to the next topic.
3, work and office software
Pro files can be exported into Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, pictures (including PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP), RTF, TXT and other formats, can easily be Pro rendering results with friends and colleagues to share.
Official homepage
New Features
A Brand New UI
A New Home Panel
Huge Improvements on Gantt Chart
Information Card
Export/Print Outline
Multi-page Print
New Themes with 10 New Fonts
Major Improvements
Share to
Inspector View
Add another Matrix (structure) which uses topics as columns.
Show/Edit task info (Start/End Date, Assignee Priority, and Progress directly in Gantt Chart.)
Export Gantt Chart to Image/PDF.
Print Gantt Chart.
Add "hide collapse/expand icon" option while printing/exporting to image/PDF/SVG.
Export the entire workbook to Excel.
Show all notes in Notes View.
Copy/Paste style.
New Window Menu.
Only calculate work days for tasks.
Add a size hint while making a map shot.
New topic shapes: Circle, Parallelogram, Cloud.
New boundary shapes: Polygon and Rounded Polygon.
Wallpaper Patterns.
New designed color palette.
New color set for Multi Branch Colors.
Add Task Assignee option in Advanced Filter View.
Delete the same markers of the map.
Clear all the markers of a topic.
"Add Save As" option to Image/Attachment/Audio Notes.
URL/Email auto detection.
Support Microsoft Project 2010 file format for exporting.
Real previews in Theme View.
Many other minor improvements.
Fixed Bugs
Fix a bug that causes task info to export unsuccessfully while exporting to Excel.
Fix an issue that causes to crash on Ubuntu while choosing Web Browser under Preferences.
Fix an issue that causes the exported SVG file to display abnormally.
Fix an issue that causes characters missing while printing map.
Fix an issue that causes boundary not to show normally while the boundary title text is too long.
Fix an issue that subtopics of floating topic can not be exported while exporting to Excel.
Fix a bug that after downloading a public map from .net, the task dependencies of the map disappear.
Fix a bug that causes text to disappear while press "CTRL+I" in Note view.
Fix an issue that causes exporting to Word not successfully.
Fix an issue that causes encryption not to work after force quiting procedure.
Fix a bug that topic structure changes in drill down mode.
Fix an issue that image in notes disappears while importing a Mindmanager file.
This is the official version of the download link, the pro test Pro 7 beta 2 activation version, is now officially authorized to publish the test version is free, the new UI, you can try yo. Pro7.rar
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