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ZBrush 4r7 32/64 Chinese cracked version Chinese version with Chinese Fillmore

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-03-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 ZBrush 4r7 32/64 Chinese cracked version Chinese version with Chinese Fillmore
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ZBrush 4r7 is a Chinese version developed by Pixologic 3D digital sculpting and painting software. Is the world's first let the artists feel 3D design tool free creation. It will be among the most complicated 3D animation character modeling and mapping work the most exhausting, into the mud as simple fun little friends. Welcome to download.

 ZBrush 4r7 32/64 Chinese version with Chinese Fillmore

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, double-click the ZBrush 4R7_Win_Trial wm.exe setup, as shown in the picture, click on the next

2, enter the user license agreement interface, check the Iaccept the agreement option that I accept the agreement, click Next

3, as shown in the picture, click the folder button to select the installation path of lightning F:\ download it \, we can not change the installation path, click Next

4, choose to install a component, you can choose according to their own needs, choose after click Next

5, continue to click Next

6, installation, time for a long time, you wait a bit.

7, click Next

8, the installation is complete, as shown in the figure, uncheck the box Start ZBrush 4R7 immediately And open the ZBrush 4R7 novice guide options, Click finsih to exit setup

9, after the completion of the installation program, find a crack in the install package

10, find the ZBrush 4r7 installation directory of the ZBrush.exe file, click Open

10, run the software, as shown in the figure, would suggest that we need to activate, click the button below

11, enter the serial number, note here can freely enter the sdbeta, click the OK button to complete the input

12, complete the software activation

The new software

1, the upgrade will include all the main plug-in and mapping function and modeling function;

2, the new mapping function Spotlight and Lightbox; Lightbox course in Zbrush3.5r3 has been, but he was enhanced in Zbrush4.0. The official said the Zbrush Lightbox function allows you to stay at home, search the whole world network resources Lightbox.

Spotlight features include texture, carving, image editing, the most noteworthy is the Spotlight function also has a strong background of advanced image editing tool removal function function function function of paint and texture interactive tiles poly painting function (that is, a handle preset map on the map of the function model in spray) seamless matching function the use of texture function (which is a function of the texture in the drawing process is applied to model) symmetry and texture matching using these features to explore your creativity!

3, the new Shadow Box modeling function (probably means in accordance with the gray box shadow mask for model Match (Maker) probably means the media stylist according to a media appearance to create the current model of Clip Brushes (shape) model of trim clip brushes)

4, the upgrade will include all the main plug-in and GoZBrush (by the semi-finished product upgrade to the full version).

Zbrush4r7 installation tutorial

1. this site to download files, click on the ZBrush_4R7_Installer_WIN.exe installation, a road until the completion of installation.

2. opens the file will be prompted to activate the option. Interface. Click "Phone Activation", then click "Agree (agree) button. To find the" Ri "open operation" 4R6keygen-win "in our double click the file decompression, the application number input to the" Request Code "in the box

Step 2: click "Generate" button to get the activation code

Step 3: the calculated activation code full replication step 4: click on the "Enter Activation Code" button, we just copy the activation code to paste the activation code in the input box - a confirmation button "on the keyboard Enter ZBrush 4R7 so we completed the installation


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