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12 12.1.11 official version of Chinese with RI

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  • Update: 2018-12-19
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  12 12.1.11 official version of Chinese with RI
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provides a primary management and development environment for the MariaDB database, it is suitable for the database server version of MariaDB 5.1 or above, MariaDB supports all object types, can directly design the database structure, operation management, query and SQL script MariaDB users and permissions.

  11.1.13 official version Chinese

Functional characteristics

1, data and table definition (.Frm) file is binary compatible

2, all the client API, protocol and structure are completely consistent

3, all the file name, path, binary, port and so on are the same

4, all MySQL connectors, such as PHP, Perl, Python, Java,.NET, MyODBC, Ruby and MySQL C connector in MariaDB are unchanged

5, the mysql-client package in the MariaDB server can still run normally

6, sharing client database and MySQL is binary compatible

  11.1.13 official version Chinese

That is to say, in most cases, you can uninstall MySQL and then install MariaDB, then you can run as normal as before


MariaDB is a use of the Maria storage engine MySQL branch version was developed by Michael Widenius, author of the original founder of the company MySQL free open source database server.
Compared with MySQL, MariaDB is more:
The Maria storage engine
The PBXT storage engine
The XtraDB storage engine
The FederatedX storage engine
Copy for faster query processing
Thread pool
Less warning and bug
Run faster
More Extensions (More index parts new startup options etc)
Better functional test
Eliminate data table
Extended statistical slow query log
Support for Unicode sorting

Seamless data transfer
Data transmission, data synchronization and frame synchronization can help you more easily, faster data transfer, thereby reducing the cost. Provide detailed guidance for gradually cross database data transmission. The use of data structure and database synchronization and synchronization. Setup and deployment in a few seconds, and get the detailed script to execute change to specify.

Diversified operation tool
Use the Import Wizard data from different transmission format to the database, or in a data source connection after the transfer from the ODBC to the database. The table, view or derived data in the query results for Excel, Access, CSV and other formats. We use the electronic form of the grid view to add, modify and delete records and a series of data editing tools to facilitate your editing. Navicat provides the necessary tools for effective management of data, and to ensure the smooth flow of.

Easily edit SQL
Visual SQL Builder will help you create, edit and run SQL statements, without having to worry about the correct use of grammar and command. Keywords rapid access to recommend the use of code completion and customizable code fragments, and from the removal of duplicate encoding.

Intelligent database designer
Our professional designers create objects, modify and manage all of the database The use of complex database design and modeling tools to convert the database to a graphical representation, in order to easily create and understand complex modeling, database.

Improve your work efficiency
Our strong local backup / recovery solutions will guide you through the backup process, and reduce the likelihood of error. The use of interactive interface design and efficient workflow, compiling high quality professional report in a few minutes, and at a specific time or date for report generation, set up automatic database backup and script execution repeated deployment process. No matter where you are, you can always finish the work.

Easy collaboration
The connection settings, your model, synchronous query and virtual team to the Navicat Cloud service, so you can access them in real time, whenever and wherever possible to share with colleagues. Using Navicat Cloud, you can use one day in every minute to maximize your productivity.

A secure connection through SSH tunnel and SSL establish a secure connection, ensure the safety of each connection, stability and reliability. The database server authentication in different ways, such as PAM certification. Navicat 12 provides more authentication mechanism and high performance environment, so you don't have to worry about are connected through an insecure network.

The new features introduced

user interface
Simple, elegant, more efficient.
Navicat 12 than its predecessor the improvements made a number of user interface. Simple working environment and re arrangement of the button, the new user interface can provide relevant information for your work. Now, you can complete the complex work more quickly than before.
A new engine
The breakthrough engine brings a smoother experience.
In Navicat 12, responsiveness, availability and performance are improved. We design a new mechanism and application of multiple threads, so you can run in parallel tasks, to improve the overall efficiency of the development of the database.
Start the Touch screen with Bar support
The new start screen function and Touch Bar support, let the organization work and browse the database object to become hitherto unknown.
We are committed to Navicat 12 to provide a better user experience, to improve its usability and accessibility. You can use the shortcut to open and create a new query, when Navicat starts to like tab to "start screen" function and control and the use of MacBook Pro Touch Bar Navicat for easy access.
Code segment
The use of SQL tips to quickly write code.
Navicat 12 provides a default set of code, or you can create custom common section. The code snippet is dragged to the SQL editor, avoid repeat the same code, and reduce the preparation time and the error occurred. Add placeholders in the code segment, press the TAB button in the SQL modify segment, the cursor will jump between different placeholders, allows you to enter the applicable value.
Automatic code completion
The function of intelligent automatic code completion, ensure that the input information is correct.
We rewrite the code automatically, to support more keywords and suggestions, and improves the efficiency and accuracy of automatic completion. And the code to automatically complete the code function, you can get some advice in the input code, to speed up the preparation of commonly used grammar speed.
Automatic operation
Flexible and automatic operation plan, optimize your database activity.
Navicat 12 released a new planning method. The automatic operation of utility model have more intuitive interface and easier to use, help to find the desired setting file and automatically create a batch job.
Frame synchronization
Synchronization of database objects than before.
Navicat 12 is a new structure synchronization mechanism, provides an easier and more intuitive way to comparison and identification between two different databases. It can display DDL parallel comparison, let you easily find all the differences between source and target object. You can choose and rearrange the script for synchronous update the target database.
Data synchronization
Fast, reliable method of inspection and deployment of database changes, creating the perfect deployment script.
Data synchronization brings a new experience and some new features to the user. It will list all the results, and to mark specific conditions (different colors, only in the source, only in the target and the same), so you can easily distinguish the difference between the source and target record. You can rearrange the deployment script and update the target record, to achieve and source of all or part of the same record.
Whether internal or cloud, are easy to deploy.
Using Navicat 12, you can manage both internal deployment and cloud database, such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. Create a connection. Now is the time to let you enjoy Navicat bring the ultimate experience.


In November 23, 2018 for MariaDB Navicat (Windows) version of 12.1.10
Add "contains the owner" or "contains the definition of" option in data transmission.
Bug repair:
Transmission of MySQL / MariaDB tables, the loss of precision field geometry.
Insert data in the table viewer when the list index out of range error.
To narrow the "server monitor" process list "tab on the last column.
Small bug fixes and improvements.
In August 21, 2018 (Windows) version of 12.1.6
Bug repair:
In the TEXT editor to display data "{}" unknown internal error.
Synchronous structure, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (6) in the precision of value loss.
Error occurred when deleting a record, Esc shortcut does not work.
Error renaming the existing column and add a new column.
When the string is longer than 5880 characters, the filter value is not displayed.
No index, not in table designer the index tab displayed in the column list.
Cannot apply the filter configuration file.
Unable to roll in the "filter Wizard" in the right.
Open design table in a large database of freezing.
"Open table" and "design" is not properly synchronized.
Change the source file in the configuration file, and field mapping has been changed into the target.
Did not end transaction table some cases after closing.
May 8 2018 (Windows) 12.0.28 version
Bug repair:

80041318 error saving task plan.
Save program / function, the cursor position for moving to the bottom line.
Syntax error occurred when updating the MySQL user password.
Off the table in some cases, the transaction has no end.
To upgrade, please visit our customer center.

In February 22nd, 2018Navicat MariaDB (Windows) 12.0.24 version
Bug repair:

Model derived from the SQL lack of space.
The extra newline is added to the model is derived from the SQL.
The triggers tab task plan on the lack of "per hour" option.
The wrong date stamp is appended to the export file.
The search in the table viewer when the problem of slow.
The function cannot be moved to the group.
Syntax error occurred in some cases when the query is run.
Enumeration data not in the query results.
In the creation of synchronization structure, the objective function / process will not be deleted.
Unable to query the synchronization model in Cloud / Navicat.
The Excel file has been corrupted in some cases.
Set the timetable "access denied" error.

Activation installation tutorial: cracked version contained 12 installation and patch activation tutorial

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