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The official version of V3.1.1.390 3 simulator

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-01-03
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The official version of V3.1.1.390  3 simulator
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2 is a simulator launched by the Bluestacks Windows PC is the latest version of Android 2 simulator series, Android pioneered the simulator allows the user to simultaneously run multiple applications on the simulator, for example, while playing the game while driving the WeChat micro-blog brush, do not delay. Welcome to download it features more lightning experience!

 The official version of  2 simulator

2 simulator features

2 was the first to allow users to multiple applications running at the same time in the simulator, for example, while playing the game while driving the WeChat micro-blog brush, do not delay.

The new toolbar, users can now easily use location settings, screen jitter, volume adjustment and other functions. Click the full screen button, you can get smooth big screen experience.

 The official version of  2 simulator

Again, angry birds, Chrome, Temple Escape 2, vanity, major league baseball a variety of applications such as optimization, a substantial increase in the level of experience.

Finally, 2 combines the game and application characteristics, means that when you click on an ad, a new tab will open, so you can continue to play the game will not be interrupted.

Answer 2 emulator FAQ

The solution stack Android simulator Bluestacks black blue flash back unlimited start

In the new version has solved most of the problems of black, please try to use the new bluestacks

If you are an old version of the bluestacks, a black screen, flash back, or infinite start problem, please try the following methods:

Net framework SP2 has confirmed 2 installed (XP system)
Confirm the graphics driver installed
Confirm the system color 32 color
Confirm the anti-virus software does not intercept the bluestacks service

Blue Android stack simulator Bluestacks horizontal screen and vertical screen problem

When we use the simulator, the adaptive window will often encounter, and mobile phone into the same size, but if we want to use wide, so here you can change...

Blue Android stack simulator Bluestacks how to pass the picture

When we use the simulator with WeChat pictures, often encounter how to send, or how to get BS files on the computer, Xiao Bian here will explain to you

Android game simulator Bluestacks stack blue black or not run

If the software is running normally, but applications can not run (black, or flash back), here will explain how to solve.

How to install the application stack to the blue Android simulator Bluestacks

Blue stack Android simulator () APK installation is very simple, you can follow the following steps

Unable to install the Android blue stack simulator Bluestacks solution

The new version has solved most of the problems but also the installation, installation fails, we can follow the process to solve the problem

The solution cannot access the Windows Installer service

When installing bluestacks cannot access the Windows Installer service, can be solved by the following measures:

Update log

1: to live.
2: added package system
3: simulator engine optimization, have better support for high-end and low-end machines.
4: user login system
5: the game compatibility repair

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