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Family the latest version of the 20188.4 master free version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-01
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  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Family the latest version of the 20188.4 master free version
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Family (Master CC2018 master edition version) is a series of software integrated collection software, support for simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese Chinese Chinese, English language, with which users no longer need to go to other places to download, very convenient, and the crack can be free to use, welcome to lightning Download it!

2018 master edition with integrated version:
This version of the integrated version:
Adobe Acrobat DC 2018 X32 2018.009.20050
Adobe After Effects CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Animate CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Audition CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Bridge CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Captivate 2017
Adobe Character Animator CC 2018
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
Adobe Edge Code CC X32 0.98.0
Adobe Edge Reflow CC 0.51.17188
Adobe Encore CS6
Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC X32
Adobe Extension Manager CC X32 7.3.2
Adobe Fireworks CS6 X32
Adobe Illustrator CC 2018.0.2
Adobe InCopy CC 2018.0.1
Adobe InDesign CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Muse CC 2018 2018.0.0.685
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 16.0.0
Adobe Prelude CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.0.1
Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 16.0.0
Adobe Scout CC
Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2015.1
Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 10.1.90

The new changes

Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1.7 (
Remove the old version of NO CC components
SP version, HD version of the master
2018.9.2 v8.3 Final
Update Adobe Acrobat DC 2018 edition 2018.011.20058
Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1.6 (
This update resolves a number of problems found in one version of the.
Adobe Lightroom Classic CC update
This update includes support for custom cell Blurb album style, new album module and some bug fixes.
Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 10.5.32 update
Remove Adobe Captivate 2017, Captivate 2018 version of the other single update
Remove the Adobe Edge Code CC
Remove the Adobe Edge Reflow CC
Remove Adobe Scout CC
2018.7.19 v8.2#5
Update Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018.2 (
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 18.2: This update includes repair of a previous version of the Dreamweaver problem.
Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1.5 (
This update resolves a number of problems found in one version of the.
Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 10.4.62 update
Photoshop Camera Raw 10.4 (CC) Photoshop CC update: update the enclosed Camera Raw plugin. The new camera models add raw file format support.
Update Lightroom Classic CC
This update includes new color label, configuration file management tools and some error repair tissue folder.
Update Adobe Animate CC 2018.0.2 (
Animate CC update - 7 month 2018 years: This version Animate fixes a number of key issues, it is recommended that all users update.
Adobe After Effects CC 2018.1.2 (update)
After Effects CC (15.1.2) version contains important performance updates, it is recommended that all users use this version.
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018.1.2 update (
Adobe Media Encoder CC (12.1.2): update format support and bug fixes this version includes enhanced. It is recommended that all users to install this update.
The *SP version has a modified H.265 (HEVC) cannot use the problem.
Update Adobe Bridge CC 2018.1 (
CC Libraries has been integrated into the new Bridge work area, called "library". Support SVG and PNG image transparency.
*SP integrated Adobe Output Module version is no longer.
The new version introduces new output work area, can be used in Bridge locally generated PDF contact list.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.1.2 update (
Premiere Pro CC (12.1.2): update format support and bug fixes this version includes enhanced. It is recommended that all users to install this update.
Update Adobe Prelude CC 2018.1.1 (
Adobe Prelude CC (7.1.1) update: This version contains minor bug fixes.
Update Adobe Acrobat DC 2018 edition 2018.011.20055
This version of the language: simplified, traditional Chinese Chinese, Japanese, English
Note: some built-in multi language
1: system requirements: Win7 64 /Win10 64 and above.
The new version of 2:ACCC enabled packageCode management program (HD), productCode has been abandoned, so do not display installation.
    This version is still the traditional mode, does not contain ACCC, also do not accept the ACCC to start the installation and unloading.
This version of 3: Acrobat integrated Adobe DC special edition,
    Integrated simulation of crack version of AMTLIB (v0.9.2).
    The integration of the latest version of AAMv10 (CS10) /ACCC SP.
    Remove trial tips.
    Remove automatic updates, remove the update menu.
    Do not display online store open, save the file.
    Start the welcome page does not display information.
    Recently, using the maximum number of documents in the list of default is zero.
4: Adobe Lightroom has opened a subscription.
5:Illustrator Chinese simplified / traditional Chinese original 3D protruding and oblique problem has been fixed options.
6:ExtendScript Toolkit and Captivate Chinese simplified / traditional Chinese language pack were completed by me in chinese.
    Native mode, do not affect other language installation. No re packaged and released.
7: CC 2017 supports the new hardware, new features, has a high requirement on hardware. Not recommended to run the new version of the old equipment, the use of subjective feelings will be better than the old version.
    Memory 8GB, 16GB and above the recommended suggestions.
    The memory of 2GB, 3GB and above the recommended suggestions.
    Hard disk SSD, suggest part of the program (such as AE, PR) with NVME SSD (recommended that Samsung SM951, PM951 and above).
    Please understand that complex files need to be higher in order to meet the configuration software memory and cache requests and ensure the response speed of software.
    Recommended above 1080P resolution display device, equipped with touch screen tablet / recommendation.
    Note: not before 2010 has new version supports GPU graphics hardware accelerated graphics card list.
        Dual graphics desktop: be sure for the latest official driver, choose to use independent graphics software startup in settings.
        Note: you must ensure that the two graphics for the latest official driver. Notebook dual display driver support period is shorter, the old version of dual graphics driver does not support GPU hardware acceleration.
        NVIDIA graphics: in the fans of the BUG, please consider first in software hardware accelerated off GPU.
        AMD card: Win10 64 and above system recommendations.
        If there is no other special needs, Adobe recommended AMD graphics program.
The installation process:
   Download the compressed package recommended after check.
   WinRAR 5 version; virtual CD-ROM loading ISO, do not extract the ISO.
   This edition is divided into master version and version independent, according to personal need to install.
   Master edition, independent version is a key installation, usually without any operation. Recommendations to the administrator privileges to install.
   Unpack and do not use the mirror installation please don't install placement resulted in long path installation failed!
   Note: the VC runtime problem
   Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 Redistributable 32, 64
   For many non pure system environment during the installation process of the VC runtime cannot cause the failure of the installation, installation setup error,
   Recommended to check, uninstall all local (2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015) the various versions of the VC runtime,
   Manually install the.\Content\Runtime\ directory of all the VC runtime, and then try to install the program.
   Or the installation of various VC runtime collection package to avoid such problems.
   Sometimes in the * * need cleaning before installation, installation, activation of information residual --
   Using a cleaning tool to clean up the official installation program
   .\Content\Tools\Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.exe
   Two, clean up the activation information (delete files and folders)
   C:\Program Files (x86) \Common Files\Adobe\SLCache\
   Three, remove the installation information (delete files, folders)
   C:\Program Files (x86) \Common Files\Adobe\backup\
   C:\Program Files (x86) \Common Files\Adobe\caps\
   C:\Program Files (x86) \Common Files\Adobe\Installers\
   Four, check the machine version of AAM. Acrobat failed to install genuine software license module, verify the problems such as failure please delete the AAM file directory.
(please note that find and terminate the directory of the running process, such as AdobeIPCBroker.exe. Please uninstall the original ACCC desktop.
   The installed version of Adobe Creative in the Cloud desktop, please also terminate the Adobe Service.exe and its Desktop process)
   C:\Program Files (x86) \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\
   This version uses DLL PATCH + EMU hybrid process. The default global shield automatic update.
   The installation of the new version, update mode has been changed by ACCC, completely take over operation, want to use ACCC to automatically update the subscription please.
   Manual update: wait for this special edition of the update, uninstall the old version, you can install the new version.
   There is need to switch the language part of the program (only the edition and above, part of multi language)
   After Effects
   Forced English start - > create an empty text document a file named ae_force_english.txt in the my documents directory
   Modify the startup language through the application.xml file (.\AMT\application.xml)
   *****修改为所需语言">At the end of eighth for ***** change to the desired language
   Available language: de_DE|en_US|es_ES|fr_FR|it_IT|ja_JP|ko_KR|pt_BR|zh_CN
   Animate, InCopy, InDesign
   After the installation of the required language file, amtemu language through the mandatory start (.\painter.ini)
   Insert the 2 line after line tenth
   (zh_CN change to the corresponding language)
   Available language: en_US|ja_JP|zh_CN|zh_TW
   Preferences - > Advanced - > International (Language)
   Preferences - > > conventional language
   Media Encoder
   Preferences - > appearance > language
   General preferences - > > language
   Preferences - > > text interface (user interface language)
   Amtemu language through the mandatory start (.\painter.ini)
   Insert the 2 line after line tenth
   (zh_CN change to the corresponding language)
   Available language: en_US|ja_JP|zh_CN|zh_TW
   Amtemu language through the mandatory start (.\painter.ini)
   Insert the 2 line in the 10 Line
   (zh_CN change to the corresponding language)
   Available language: cs_CZ|de_DE|en_US|es_ES|fr_FR|it_IT|ja_JP|ko_KR|nl_NL|pl_PL|pt_BR|ru_RU|sv_SE|tr_TR|zh_CN|zh_TW
   Prelude, Premiere
   Amtemu language through the mandatory start (.\painter.ini)
   Insert the 2 line after line tenth
   (zh_CN change to the corresponding language)
   Available language: cs_CZ|de_DE|en_US|es_ES|fr_FR|it_IT|ja_JP|ko_KR|nl_NL|pl_PL|pt_BR|ru_RU|sv_SE|tr_TR|zh_CN
   Watch your AAM. After the installation of this machine is the latest version of AAMv10/ACCC SP.
   Backup your AAM for reduction, especially in the installation of other AAM carrying the update installation program.
   AAM/ACCC kernel only skilled user operation.
Extracting passwords: 2018 password: 5baw
Decompression password: @vposy

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