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360 free WiFi the latest version of the official

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 360 free WiFi the latest version of the official
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360 free WiFi computer version ! Sharing network sharing love! Computer becomes a key WiFi hotspot, let mobile phone free wireless tour! 360 free WiFi can help you create a wireless hotspot in the wireless network card, wireless card for transmitting WIFI signals, for other computer, mobile phone and other mobile devices use the Internet WIFI. 360 free WiFi is a free, Easy WiFi sharing software, only need to run the software, will be able to instantly networked computer into a free WiFi router, so that mobile phone, PAD and other hardware devices free Internet, network sharing, and can manage all access equipment. Small lightning brought here is the latest version of love, it concerns the download!

Functional characteristics

1. your computer needs a wireless network card;
2. your computer can access the internet;

Detailed description:

1. in order to use the computer network, the computer must be built-in wireless card, such as notebook computer generally built-in wireless card hardware module. There is no desktop wireless card, can be an external wireless card into the USB slot to make its wireless capabilities, it also will be the desktop network sharing out.
2. open the software, solution interface in the wireless network share button will be shared out into computer network, free WiFi hotspots. Wait a moment can be created successfully, such as map, created the WiFi name and password.
3. in the mobile terminals such as mobile phone open WIFI switch (WLAN), find the corresponding WIFI hotspot, and then enter the WIFI password can be successfully used computer network sharing.
4. in the 360 free WiFi interface click "change password" can modify the current WIFI password, enter the password and click "OK" button. Click on the upper right corner of the "X" can I even WiFi interface is hidden, when it is still running in the background, you just use the mobile phone to the Internet to go if you want to close the WiFi sharing, just click on the 360 free WiFi interface "closed wireless sharing" button.


V4.1.5 version in June 5, 2018
1) to optimize the connection module, improve the success rate of connection
2) increased two times to confirm the password sharing
360 free WiFi v5.3.0.4025 update log (2017-07-29)

1. upgrade version of stability, optimize the user experience
1, did not find the card, the installed version, connecting nearby free WiFi

2, the continuous optimization of the campus network environment support, improve the campus network environment support

360 free version of the V5.3.0.1070 version of WiFi computer

1, win10 operating system for the special optimization, improve the stability of WiFi

2, for surfing the campus network to further improve the environment

360 free WiFi computer version V5.3.0.1065

1, improve the success rate of WiFi hot open, solve problems cannot be run in compatibility mode

2, to further improve the environment for the campus network optimization, Ruijie client support

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