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Por 4.5.1 official simplified Chinese version crack crack patch

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2015-12-20
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Por 4.5.1 official simplified Chinese version crack crack patch
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Por 4.5.1 is a used 3D visual tools to make movies and still frame works in real time, the software in the graphics rendering, landscape environment, landscape lighting, material performance and performance are very good, people can directly on your computer to create a virtual reality by , the rendering speed is very fast, can greatly reduce production time. This station is 4.5.1 crack version, welcome to download!

  Por 4.5.1 official simplified version Chinese

The new features in 4.5

More than 100 improvements and additional character model

A total of more than 100 improved. Change add a character model library, now contains many new models and animations. Strengthen the function of the shadow, the shadow looks more sophisticated, even in the ultra long distance as clear and fine.

The work flow has been improved in many areas. Now you have the ability, for example, from the import content of a project to another project. The content browser now contains the definition of love project, so you can quickly find their options.

New character models and animations

4.5 professional edition contains 24 new models. Increase the other races, but also can provide some new animation and attitude.

The new library includes several business staff, participate in sports activities, a woman pushing a stroller, sunbathers, and even some people swimming. With these new models, it is easier than ever to visualize your life.

Improved shadow and reflection

The shadow effect now includes three grade options. This allows you to create a super sharp edge of the shadow to a new level, you can see the individual leaves projection to the ground.

Shadow of programming completely rewritten to further expand the scope of the distance, at the same time in the near range provide excellent high clear shadow. The sky clouds and enhance the quality of tianyang.

Smooth surface by removing the error, improve the reflection filter, improved the quality of reflection. Fuzzy quantity now accurately represents the gloss, looks more smooth. The light reflected from the surface looks better now, because the visual error is corrected, which improves the overall quality.

Workflow enhancements

Professional users can now load your own LS4 file to the scene. Show options to select the file into the light, the import version, or any combination of them.

In the photo and movie mode, you can now copy and paste the individual, you can save and load the stack effect. This is great, to preserve their love effect, disk usage in another project.

The content browser allows you to add the model to your favorites list, in order to later be able to find them quickly. When you assign one or more favorite, a new tab will appear, list all of your favorite models.

Move, rotate and resize models now provide more detailed control. The new user interface allows you to type a value or use the slider to orientation, size or location mode

Automatic lighting

The lights now have an extra set, which makes them automatically open in the evening. They can be random, when enabled, all you need to do is to create animation to the position of the sun at night for a good effect.

Can modify the size of the sun and the Moon Halo

Create the image of art through the expansion of the moon. In real life, if you want to enlarge the moon, you must use your special lens to achieve zoom angle 4.5 can directly control the size of the moon and the movie or photo effects

Chinese setup instructions

The main interface of the upper left corner there is a flag is set to select the Chinese language.

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