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Microsoft version 2016 crack activation tool / activation code 64 Download

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  • Update: 2017-12-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Microsoft  2016 cracked version activation tool / activation code 64 Download
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Office 2016 preview version is released by the official Microsoft sales project management software development. Equipped with a new Timeline view, so users can now in a single view with multiple time axis, users can also set the time range for the time axis, a particular stage and these can only represent the time axis user document. The user can click on the "time axis" and to "format" tab, see the new "time range (Date Range)" after the insertion time command bar.

 Microsoft  2016 32/64 official preview with the secret key

The characteristics of the software

For statements of the word art

2013 in the report to support the word art. Now, you can include pictures, tables, charts, shapes and text boxes in the report. The use of the word art, you can create a dynamic visual effect data, even can contain such effects in animation and hyperlinks. This feature helps you create professional reports, without data export to other programs. the word art way of working with it in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook work in the same way. You can even share the word art content in these procedures.

Better the use of statements

As for the report, we have used the OfficeArt infrastructure to create a new set of pre installed visual report template. The report template replaced before the version of the pre installation report. The use of these new templates, you can create dynamic reports bright, no need to export the data to other programs.

Rich project report (ofa report)

users can already through the data derived Excel PivotTable report created burnout. Now you can quickly create beautiful statements in burn. The report will burn out planned work, complete the work and the remaining work to display the line on the chart, the project manager can see whether the project can be completed on time. Burnout is the key method of agile project management report requirements. (Agile Management: a project management method, the method of iteration time is short (maximum four weeks), the adaptive strategy and team collaboration. The type of agile project management together, including key chains and extreme programming).

Mission path

The "link" view the task more difficult, especially the task links directly affect the task or directly affected by the task even more so. 2013 allows you to highlight any task link chain, namely the task of path. To view the task of path, please go to the Gantt chart. Click the Format > "mission path", and then select the types of links you want to view.

Extended date support

2013 support tasks and projects up to date in December 31, 2149. Before long the whole century!

Backstage check

Click on file can be transferred to the Backstage, it is a one-stop destination for file management. At present, we have to check several targets Backstage:

And make it easier to find what you need.

The and other Office programs, you are already familiar with the agreement.

To open the file and save the file to your computer, Web, and Server or SharePoint website provides a unified position to keep pace.

Update the visual effect

Other programs like the MicrosoftOffice suite. It has a new look, but will not interfere with your work is simple and stylish. We pay more attention to how to help you finish the work, do not want to become too fancy interface.

Office 2016 Professional Edition 32:

File name: SW_DVD5_Visio_Pro_2016_64Bit_ChnSimp_MLF_X20-42759.ISO

SHA1: 71E082174812F748AB1A70CA33E6004E1E1AACA8

Download address: ed2k://|file|SW_DVD5__Pro_2016_W32_ChnSimp_MLF_X20-41511.ISO|555210752|CA3BD5F8C7B3E263105B041DDD4104AB|/

Office 2016 Professional Edition 64:

File name: SW_DVD5__Pro_2016_64Bit_ChnSimp_MLF_X20-42676.ISO

SHA1: 3C180FDAF91DBD0CB767BD040B42B0599FC53438

Download address: ed2k://|file|SW_DVD5__Pro_2016_64Bit_ChnSimp_MLF_X20-42676.ISO|647157760|0BBBF20CA3A5F61A819586ADCE6E4DCB|/

Beta activation key


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