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The full range of Adobe 0.9.3 Chinese universal register machine green Chinese version Adobe 2018 Patch Tool

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  • Update: 2018-10-20
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The full range of Adobe  0.9.3 Chinese universal register machine green Chinese version Adobe 2018 Patch Tool
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is a Adobe tool for lifting authorization made by foreign friends PainteR. Of course, PainteR users also made a Universal Adobe Patcher Can also be used to lift the Adobe product authorization. by the application of the Abobe activation and unlock all necessary functions. The local API and the best performance based on optimization. Therefore the protection mechanism will be through a 50KB size DLL replaced. Support To Adobecs4 Adobe CC 2018. does not support 2019.

Russia is God Painter update the Adobe software simulation tool V0.9.2 authorized registration crack,
To add Adobe CC 2018 support and some internal code refactoring,
This tool is not equal to the ordinary amtlib.dll patch (although AMT is covered with.Dll files),
AMT is a necessary function required by Abobe applications to activate the unlocking function, and local API for best performance optimization based on,
has the following advantages:
1. it does not require AAM (Adobe application manager).
2. when users are working with any other operation to save the file in Adobe does not perform a check license using the menu
3. of all possible functions will become all installed Adobe applications available
4. it does not require the administrator to run the application
5. create / modify / upgrade Abobe database application
6. do not send data to Adobe
8. bypass all geographical restrictions
9. disable all types of applications tracking (log)
Please refer to the painter.nfo file for more information.

It will be completely out of AAM does not produce / relies on the following folder:

supports Adobe Cloud products:
Adobe - Acrobat DC
Adobe - Acrobat XI
Adobe - Acrobat X
Adobe - After Effects CC 2017
Adobe - After Effects CC 2015.3
Adobe After - Effects CC Pre-release
Adobe - After Effects CC 2015
Adobe - After Effects CC 2014
Adobe - After Effects CC
2017 - Adobe Animate CC
2015 - Adobe Animate CC
2017 - Adobe Audition CC
2015.2 - Adobe Audition CC
2015 - Adobe Audition CC
2014 - Adobe Audition CC
Adobe - Audition CC
Adobe - Audition CS6
Adobe - Audition CS5.5
Adobe - Character Animator
2017 - Adobe Dreamweaver CC
2015 - Adobe Dreamweaver CC
2014 - Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe - Dreamweaver CC
Adobe - Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe - Dreamweaver CS5.5
Adobe - Dreamweaver CS5
Adobe - Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe - Flash Pro CC 2015
Adobe - Flash Pro CC 2014
Adobe - Flash Pro CC
Adobe - Flash Pro CS6
Adobe - Flash Pro CS5.5
Adobe - Flash Pro CS5
2017 - Adobe Illustrator CC
2015.3 - Adobe Illustrator CC
2015 - Adobe Illustrator CC
2014 - Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe - Illustrator CC
Adobe - Illustrator CS6
Adobe - Illustrator CS5.5
Adobe - Illustrator CS5
Adobe - Illustrator CS4
2017 - Adobe InCopy CC
2015 - Adobe InCopy CC
2014 - Adobe InCopy CC
Adobe - InCopy CC
Adobe - InCopy CS6
Adobe - InCopy CS5.5
Adobe - InCopy CS5
2017 - Adobe InDesign CC
2015 - Adobe InDesign CC
2014 - Adobe InDesign CC
Adobe - InDesign CC
Adobe - InDesign CS6
Adobe - InDesign CS5.5
Adobe - InDesign CS5
Adobe - Media Encoder CC 2017
Adobe - Media Encoder CC 2015.3
Adobe - Media Encoder CC 2015
Adobe - Media Encoder CC 2014
Adobe - Media Encoder CC
2017 - Adobe Muse CC
2015 - Adobe Muse CC
2014 - Adobe Muse CC
2017 - Adobe Photoshop CC
2015.5 - Adobe Photoshop CC
2015 - Adobe Photoshop CC
2014 - Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe - Photoshop CC
Adobe - Photoshop CS6
Adobe - Photoshop CS6 Pre-release
Adobe - Photoshop CS5.5
Adobe - Photoshop CS5
Adobe - Photoshop CS5 Pre-release
Adobe - Photoshop CS4
Adobe Lightroom CC (with Dehaze feature)
2017 - Adobe Prelude CC
2015.4 - Adobe Prelude CC
2015 - Adobe Prelude CC
2014 - Adobe Prelude CC
Adobe - Premiere Pro CC 2017
Adobe Premiere - Pro CC 2015.3
Adobe Premiere - Pro CC 2015
Adobe Premiere - Pro CC 2014
Adobe Premiere - Pro CC 2018

The new changes

2016.11.04 v0.9.2 (public)
Updated + presets (2017) [gui]

Using the tutorial:

Use the Mac version of the simple comparison is not to say, as long as the open software, all software Adobe click on the red button will automatically activate the.

Mainly about the Windows version
Break the target is still the amtlib.dll file. Install Adobe all products to trial mode, can not login. Directly after installation of crack. You can see the AMT Emu By crack PainteR for details please see features in the software help menu.

After opening the software that is,

First, we need to change our activation of the software language, because the work is a foreign god do, so this is the default English software to activate the software, some software problems encountered in the field before.

You first find the need to activate the software and version, and then choose "Advanced" click.

Don't forget to check the "Force Lang for apps" and then select "zh_CN" if it is English software on the choice of "en_US" click on the OK back to the main interface, click Install to run the installation (automatically replace amtlib.dll, and generate the painter.ini configuration file)

(Ps: if the software is not installed by default to the C drive, you can find the software installation directory inside the amtlib.dll file manually in the pop-up window)

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