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Chinese cracked version 3.08 official version 64. The patch | desktop software

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-02-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Chinese cracked version 3.08 official version 64. The patch |  desktop software
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Chinese cracked version is a sort of desktop software. The software is easy to use, simple operation. This tool is designed to help users very organized to manage your desktop icons on the desktop, let you be arranged according to different uses, make the desktop more relaxed, more personalized. There is a need to download the user can download station lightning.

  Chinese cracked version 2.1 official version

software documentation

Chinese cracked version, has finished crack, full Chinese interface, simple operation, more convenient to use, the user can be classified on the computer desktop icon display, desktop icons completely solve the confusion, make your desktop icons arranged in good order. In addition, fences has the appearance of organization, tools and other columns, you can create different desktop layout, can adjust the transparency, background style brightness, color and saturation and so on, make your desktop icons look more personalized.

Usage method

1, the desktop icon onto the enclosed area. It was added to the group icon.

2, by using the right mouse button to draw a rectangle on the desktop to create a new fences mobile fences area, also can adjust its size by crawling the edge.

3, right click on a desktop partition and select the "Rename Fance" (renamed desktop partition) can add tags for desktop partition. Right click on a desktop partition and select the "remove Fance" (delete desktop partition) can delete the desktop partition.

Installation instructions

The original official authorization 3.0.5+ crack patch. The official version of 3.0.5 has provided Chinese simplified, so there is no need to stay! Non my original ! Only in the The 3.0.3 crack based crack 3.0.5 version. Found fully available!!! Thank you for the 3.0.3 patch!
Software is the official website to download the latest version of 3.0.5. has been put on the extract package!

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