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The latest version of Simufact Forming v13.3 is 32 bit /64 bits.

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  • Update Date: 2018-06-18
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest version of Simufact Forming v13.3 is 32 bit /64 bits.
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Simufact is a set of simulation software for industrial forging process. The software is composed of highly functional finite volume solver and WINDOWS style graphical interface. Using Simufact's forging simulation technology, we can make a faster and more economical simulation test and accelerate the time of product introduction into the market.

Forging is a highly nonlinear process, requiring complex interaction between material and die and workpiece. In most cases, the shape of the forging blank is quite simple, but the geometry of the final product is very complex. It needs piecewise material flow and multiple forging to complete. Therefore, the simulation software adopts the technology of material flow simulation based on finite volume, which can solve the obstacle due to the traditional deformation material flow.

The emergence of Simufact (Yan Fa) gave the forging industry the opportunity to enjoy the great benefits of numerical analysis tools. Simufact is a powerful 3D forging process simulation and analysis tool. It can be used to observe and compare the difference between steel die and forging process and its influence on various process characteristics, including material flow, the shape and mechanical properties of final workpiece, and material flash region. With a view to using the most economical material and the shortest time history, the mechanical properties are most suitable for the forged products. At present, Simufact has been used by several leading Japanese companies for practical forging process simulation analysis, such as Sumitomo heavy industry, Toyota automobile and Denso company.

The simufact.forming forming simulation system can complete all metal forming simulation, with independent material database, mechanical equipment database, and so on. It is an upgraded version of MSC.SuperForm and MSC.SuperForge.

Simufact.Forming has successfully developed software applications that support all manufacturing industries, and can independently simulate metal temperature, body usage or material handling: closed die forging or extrusion, steel drawing, upsetting, bending or free forging, rolling, profile rolling or rolling cold, heat or semi heat, mechanical press, hammer or screw press, forging or rail forging - plus process and spring-controlled tools, simple low alloy or stainless steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metal, titanium nickel alloy, large scale engineering or bedsheet engineering, material flow or dieload analysis. Simufact.Forming optimizes the integrated simulation environment and process.

Simufact.forming is an established software product for the simulation of industrial of, ",", ",", ",", "and"

The software considers, amongst others
The actual kinematics of a machine, no matter what type or, what
Material behavior - elasticity, plasticity, increase and decrease of strain hardening as, strain
Friction and contact between tools and forming parts
Self-contact of forming parts to predict folds
Thermodynamics of the process: initial heating conditions, heat transfer into tools tools transfer,

High quality results are guaranteed since Simufact.forming is based on MSC.Software's, based, on, based, on, MSC.Software's, based, on, based, on, etc.

Product Portfolio - Modular Concept
Simufact.forming follows a modular design. This modular concept of Simufact products Simufact, "", ",", ",", "," and "

The software Application s Application Modules make available the process-specific functionality for functionality, the first and the second half of the world.

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