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The fighting God Android version v1.1.20 official version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-11-16
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The fighting God Android version v1.1.20 official version
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The new role class action game - all fighting God officially struck, the game fighting God by the online fighting God adapted to the continuation of the classic fighting action game, reproduction of martial arts fighting in the grand scene, collocation unique mobile phone to download the fast action effects, fighting God with a good fight!

The introduction of fighting god:

Fighting God is a Tencent since the research theme of the Diablo MMORPG gaming masterpiece, the game to where the novel "Wu kongzhuan" as the background blueprint, the game recreates the plot of the novel. It is reported that the fighting God will launch Mobile Games version, called the universal fighting God, the continuation of the games classic games are played, the fight scenes did not lose PC end, come to download the fighting God Mobile Games experience!

The fighting God occupation characteristics:


PK boss, Kuangdonggou overlord, who fights in the mine who knows. If you have confidence on his way love PK, so the monkey is your best choice. Because the skills concerned, great demand for PK team monkey legend equipment, a legend can bring many benefits to the monkey. So go the PK route to consider the game player, not the legendary philippines.


Later the team needs a stable, hatred. Fury is not one of the best fighting God of team skills. The operation is simple, sometimes one hand can operate. But PK suck, no matter how much you spent money, cattle PK is always like that. Others kill you, is dead. To be prepared!


Master the so-called fighting God, sustained damage is very high, a lot of game player because of other games, especially love to master this kind of occupation, game player can choose the Russian occupation. PK and brush map are good.

The fox:

A versatile talent, PK mobile fox, civet brush map. The comprehensive development of the same mobile fox go the PK route, the legend is still valuable. After the monkey. But the fox can copy output plus blood, and can mine occupation, there will be a lot of game player love.


Commonly known as the second day second air three thousand seconds long, can the enemy in a few seconds the outbreak of no one, except in a few of the team's requirements are not very high, the Dragon go to where is popular. A high explosive dragon, where people have to make friends with you.


It is said that is the nouveau riche most occupation, because God of attack and needs so you have to double the bones, under the ruthless in the property improvement of Kung fu. It also makes some special activities of your God, but you also have a return, God will have good performance in PK and brush map. Everyone loves tall and handsome.

West hotel:

The fighting God is a new type fighting action game by fighting God online adaptation to the continuation of the classic action games, collocation epic game quality, like the game player fighting God who will try all fighting god!

Action 2 Mobile Games four forum to enhance

The new Mobile Games "Tencent's game studio to create a photon fighting God" today officially released, and announced that it would open the "re awakening the first test in September 2nd, the first test for the market. As first proposed the "action Mobile Games 2" concept of a game, "all the fighting God" by hundreds of R & D team of painstaking building, to achieve the IP2.0, growth of 2, 2, 2, four combat picture quality, or to set off Mobile Games in the field of industrial revolution.

IP2.0 will be epic World Heritage Interpretation

"All the fighting God" as the Tencent's flagship masterpiece "fighting God of war" official Mobile Games, in the classic IP on the transmission and interpretation of the epic story. With the continuous advance of demon God war, will be in the Mobile Games platform game player and demon fought to collect the monkey king and other demon tribe lost in the world of spirit brings to awaken the demon clan of kings. While on the way to search for inspiration, more hidden in the truth behind the West will also surfaced.

Growth and fighting 2 "72" first play

In the characters of growth and fighting, fighting God "was the first" national "72" new ways. Game player through a growth character, can be used to collect cards have different roles, and use the "72" turned skills heart transformation, experience "Sun Wukong" 72 changes the avatar. Each occupation of different skills and different talents, also will make the game player according to different opponents into the best real-time combat role.

In the level of the setting mode, "all the fighting God is" under the foot work. Defensive warfare, war flag, promotion war and other dozens of quests will completely get rid of the linear level boring, as the game player brings more rich combat experience, make the pilgrimage to the west of the road is full of interesting challenges. In addition, fighting God proud of 2 combat system will also be inherited in the "national" fighting God, let the game player to feel personally on the scene at the mobile terminal in the.

Multi view images of 2 Battle

As a high-quality 3D action Mobile Games, "all the fighting God in the image to" comparable with the end of the tour. In addition to the distinctive scene map and gorgeous cool effect, the game in the form of battle screen also multi view setting, game player will experience from different angles to the rhythm of reasonable and accurate real combat details. The 3D's first free boundary city will bring shock to intuitively feel the grand game player.

Pay attention to the official public number win limited edition Hao Li

With "all the fighting God" officially released, heavy welfare activities have also been opened synchronously. From now until August 31st, WeChat game player only needs to pay attention to the game's official public number people can participate in the draw, fighting God "will have a chance to win the game" re awakening the first test "experience preferred qualifications, fighting God figure, out of print edition, limited edition of fighting God Budaoweng fighting God of the mouse pad, a customized version of fighting God T-shirts and other value Philippines precious gifts!


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