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Android v1.1.20 version

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  • Update Date: 2017-11-16
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Android v1.1.20 version
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The new role play game - the whole people fighting the God of war has been officially attacked. The universal fighting God game is adapted from the online game warrior. It continues the classic action fighting method, reproduces the magnificent scenes in the martial arts combat, and matches the unique mobile action effect.

A brief introduction to the God of War:

The fight God is a MMORPG online game that has been developed by Tencent. The game is based on the novel "Wukong biography". The game reproduces the plot of the novel. It is reported that the fight God will launch the hand travel version, known as the whole people fighting the God of war, the continuation of the classic game of online games, fighting scenes do not lose the PC end, download the national fight God of war experience.

Professional characteristics of the whole people fighting the war God:


PK boss, mine owner, who knows who is fighting in the mine? If you have confidence in your own techniques and like PK, then the monkey is your choice. Because of the care of skills, the PK monkey's legendary equipment is very demanding, and a set of legends can bring many benefits to monkeys. So the players who take the PK route consider the good legend.

The cow Devil:

Later team needs stability and hatred. Fury is one of the best team skills of fighting God of war. Easy to operate, sometimes you can operate with one hand. But PK doesn't give you strength. No matter how much you spend your money, PK is always like that. Others kill you, basically is death. Be prepared!

Luo Cha:

The so-called mage in fighting spirit is highly sustained. Many players are especially fond of MAGE profession because of other games. This kind of player can choose the career of Luo cha. PK and brush charts are good.


The versatile talent, PK mobile fox, brushes pictures of civet cats. Full development, the same way to PK mobile fox, the legend is still valuable. Next to monkeys. However, this kind of fox can export blood, and the hole can kill people. Many players will like it.

Dragon Girl:

The dragon three thousand, which is commonly known as the second air second, is no enemy in a few seconds. Except for a few teams, the Dragon girl is not very high. A high outbreak of dragon girl, wherever you go, some people make friends with you.

God will:

It is said that it is the most professional occupation of the local tyrant, because God will have double needs for attack and physique, so he must work hard in improving his attributes. This also makes some necessities especially expensive, but expensive and rewarding. God will perform well in PK and brush charts. Tall and handsome, everyone loves.

West West review:

The universal fighting God is a brand new action fighting game. It is adapted from the online game of fighting God. It continues the classic action play, matches the epic level of game quality, and loves the players of fighting God of war. It can try all the people to fight the God of war.

Action hand Tour 2 four major sections to enhance

The new hand tour "the God of war" released by the Tencent game's photon Studios is officially released today, and announced that it will open the "first awakening of the awakening" in September 2nd and accept the first round of the market test. As the first game to put forward the concept of "action hand Tour 2", the "universal fighting God" has been built by hundreds of research and development teams, achieving IP2.0, growth 2, battle 2, picture 2, four major qualitative changes, or the industrial revolution in the field of hand travel.

IP2.0 inherits the epic world outlook.

The "universal fight God of war" is the official hand tour of Tencent's flagship masterpiece "fighting God of war". It inherits and deduces the epic story on its classic IP. With the unceasing advance of the war of gods and spirits, players will fight side by side with the WAN demons on the platform of hand travel to collect the spirit of the heroes of heaven and other strong spirits left behind in the world, so as to reawaken the kings of the demons. And in the search for spiritual heritage, more truth hidden behind the westbound line will also emerge.

Growth and Combat 2 "72 changes" first creation

In the aspect of character growth and fighting, "the God of war" pioneered the new game of "72 changes". Through the growth of characters, players can play different roles in the way of collecting cards, and use the "72 changes" transformation skills to transform with the heart, and experience the seventy-two magic changes of "Sun Wukong". The different skills and talents of each occupation will also enable players to reallocate the best combat roles in real time according to different opponents.

In the setting of the gate mode, "the God of war" is a great effort. Dozens of entry modes, such as defensive battle, flag fighting and promotion, will completely shake off the monotonous of the linear level, and bring more rich combat experience to the players, so that the westbound route will be full of challenges and interest. In addition, the 2 combat system, which is proud of the fighting spirit, will be inherited in the "universal fighting God of war", so that players can feel the deep feeling of battle on the mobile side.

Screen 2 multi angle combat

As a high quality 3D action hand tour, the "universal fighting God of war" is comparable to the end tour on the screen. In addition to the unique scene maps and gorgeous cool effects, the game also has multiple view settings on the battle picture table, and players will experience the real battle with reasonable rhythm and detailed accuracy from different angles. And the whole 3D, the borderless main city, will also bring the intuitive feeling of great shock to the players.

Pay attention to official public number to win limited edition Hao Li

With the official release of the universal fighting God, heavy welfare activities have been opened simultaneously. From now until August 31st, players can only participate in the lucky draw by watching the official WeChat public number of the game. They will have the opportunity to get the priority of the "awakening first test", the priority of the experience qualification, the collection of version of the battle God's hand, the out of print fighter, the tumbler, the limited version of the battle God mouse pad, and the customized version of the battle God T-shirt.


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