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ITools v4.4.2.0 assistant official the latest version of the rabbit

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-02
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 ITools v4.4.2.0 assistant official the latest version of the rabbit
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Itools 2018 Is a IOS device management tools, Itools Has the unique function of management software, to achieve these functions need to be connected to your computer and mobile terminal, under your operations on your iOS device management. Through iTools, you can download content resource on your iOS device, including application of management, browse and download.
Apple & Android two iTools3.0 open system, compatible with iOS 9 iPhone 6S fix!

The use of iTools graphic tutorials:

The first to support iPhone5 to easily manage the incomparable

The latest version of the iTools series Apple the perfect support for the daily management of equipment information, game software, video ringtone etc., more rich genuine game software & Video ringtones and other resources download installation, the first time to enjoy the magic of iPhone5.

Figure 1: full support for the latest apple taste superior equipment

Free skin take on an altogether new aspect of visual enjoyment
The new version of iTools for the new makeup look colorful spit, skin, fresh and simple interface shines. In late autumn, the wind, including business products, low-key, olive green, purple, I am a girl, the charm of 9 color options. Custom skin arbitrary, to meet the aesthetic needs of diverse.

Figure two: a variety of skin free replacement management better

The auxiliary function optimization experience double upgrade
The new version of iTools using the details to further optimize the software program, right-click menu to add more functionality, quick operation. Upgrade of the new library automatically refresh detection function, intelligent management, labor saving operation time. Photo gallery default browsing mode, the user can choose according to their own preferences, photo browsing more professional.

Figure three: rich menu shortcuts to enhance efficiency

Method: install genuine free application with iTools
1. first install the iTools iTools download address
2. connect the device to the computer, and then open the iTools--> genuine market.


3. click on the top right of the "+" genuine market enter your Apple ID and password, if you do not have Apple ID, there are two ways:
1) with a iTools account to download: do not visit any account, download the application, then download the application account for iTools; however, note: use iTools to download account if only through the iTools program to download and update the application;
2) fast register a Apple ID, see detailed tutorial: [iTools] tutorial how to create a Apple ID?

4. you can search in the search box to download application keywords, or directly browse to download the application, move the mouse to the application, click the "Install" button;

Methods: two directly through the end of the App device Store installation;

The first mobile phone must be connected to the Internet, then open the App open Store application on mobile phone.

Press the search, browse, comment, purchase applications and applications downloaded directly to iPhone.

Press the "free" or mark a price to "Install" button, then press again, until the completion of the download.

If you want to search and download an application, you first need to click "search", press the search bar and enter one or more words, and then click "search". Then click on the application, press the price (or press the "free"), and then click "buy now".
If you have purchased applications, "Introduction" will be displayed on the screen "update" or "installation", rather than the price. Re download without charge.


ITools as in the past is committed to supporting the Apple device, from iPod nano to the latest iPad Mini with Retina screen, from the music into the most simple, to the latest development of Apple screen recording master iTools for Apple users to bring more new experience, make your Apple device more simple and easy to use, rich and colorful!
Another: the 2 edition of iTools finally have their own Chinese Name: Rabbit assistant 2, please love iTools love rabbit assistant!
(please point me my rabbit assistant 2 Preview download)
Please see below, the new version of the rabbit assistant 2:

1. content oriented, the vertical version of steering horizontal version.
The biggest change here, with media content as module distinction, so that more users can understand the contents and the contents of his position. The largest non simplified senior user difficult to get started
2. rich content resources
A new access to the video, ringtones, novels and other resources page, allowing users the first time the most abundant collection and download resources in Apple content tool, the most comprehensive resource!
3. more great surprise...

Great surprise more, of course is gradually launched!
Ten years of grinding sword, the rabbit assistant has been brewing for a long time and ease of use have improved stability, everyone can try!
ITools's efforts and the support of all inseparable, for the new rabbit assistant, of course, cannot do without the support and concern of us -- today released a new version of the rabbit king on here please make haste to grab the first play


1, added support for iTunes backup data migration
2, support the slow motion album function
3, optimize the overall performance of the client
4, to repair some of the known bug
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