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Wave Girl 2 uncensor patch download SkyDrive || wave Girl 2 patch

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2016-03-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 2 wave girl uncensor patch site to download || wave Girl 2 patch
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Wave Girl 2 is a good simulation to develop the game, compared to the works of a "girl" the fluctuation, adding a lot of scenes and rich events. According to the popular "height adjuster" fluctuation Girl 2 do the enhancement, can use "a regulator" for girls to wear a variety of clothing, each kind of clothing occasions are not the same, you can enjoy different types of happiness. This share is fluctuation Girl 2 uncensor patch installation is very simple and practical, can help the user to remove the game in the mosaic.

 Wave Girl 2 uncensor patch installer

Software size: 2.3M

Software language: simplified Chinese

Platform: All Windows

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Wave Girl 2 uncensor patch.

1, double-click the setup.exe, unzip the files to any folder.

2, open the folder, there is a IluPak.exe file, then open the energy-saving installation folder 2, \illusion\Oppai2\Data folder inside the os_00s.pp file drag (left click and hold the left button of the selected file is put into the IluPak.exe file icon above), there will be a DOS display window, unzip the file (if not drag between two folders can first copy os_00s.pp to patch folder). Decompression is completed in the same directory will os_00s.pp this file a os_00s folder.

3, the patch g01_01.xx folder to copy this file to the os_00s folder, select "coverage questions".

4, os_00s.pp file will be renamed or moved elsewhere, such problems can be restored when.

5, the second step generates the os_00s folder (left click drag the selected folder and click and hold on) to IluPak.exe file icons, DOS window displays the new os_00s.pp file to generate a compressed text \illusion\Oppai2\Data folder (if you move the os_00s.pp in the second step, then the os_00s.pp file generated by the \illusion\Oppai2\Data shear can).

6, 2-5, os_00m.pp, os_00n.pp in the file folder under the file to replace the corresponding patch.

7, the beginning of the game, you can enjoy the code to the effect.

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