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Perfect game platform PGP V2.9.14.0110 latest edition

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-01-12
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Perfect game platform PGP V2.9.14.0110 latest edition
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The perfect game platform is a new online game platform that integrates account login, recharge, game download, startup and optimization. It mainly provides the three functions of opening, optimizing and managing the game. It is a necessary tool for perfect game players. Welcome friends who like you to use the lightning download experience.

 Perfect game platform official website latest version

Perfect game platform PGP official introduction

PGP platform privileges game packs, official game support tools, game update packages pre downloaded, player platform growth system, activity reminder, game alarm clock, game capture, one click sharing, game HD video live and other functions, intelligent speed limit, scanning code landing, planning tasks, game list more gadgets continue to benefit everyone.

Characteristics of perfect game platform

1. build your game kingdom.
DOTA2, no winter online... Endless stream of 3A masterpiece landing!

2. exclusive, SmartCDN, accelerate game download
Using the industry's advanced cloud acceleration technology, through the exclusive SmartCD, to maximize the game download speed!

3. smart card optimization, always experience the best game results.
Arc hardware labs cooperate with international famous hardware manufacturers such as Nvidia and AMD, aiming at the mainstream game in the market, providing the best game optimization plan for every player automatically.

4. live broadcast, cheer with millions of players.
Live broadcast of the competition, video game clearance, wonderful record playback, and share with hundreds of thousands of games fun!

Function description

1. more artifact
PGP account intelligent management system, allowing players to open multiple accounts simultaneously to play games, one by one, easy upgrade!

2. master optimization
PGP will automatically detect computer performance, built-in optimization system to customize the best optimization plan, FPS increase 40%, experience more fun game!

3. game management
One button scanning all the perfect quality game and automatically add to the game library, the game is no more afraid of the establishment of personalized game menu, easy management!


Two thousand and eighteen point zero seven
1, the platform interface supports high resolution display auto adaption.
2. This version is suitable for WIN7 and later versions.
Two thousand and eighteen point zero seven
1, the platform interface supports high resolution display auto adaption.
2. This version is suitable for XP version.

Download address
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