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The browser plug-in plug-in 4.7 enhanced version | script

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-05
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The browser plug-in  plug-in 4.7 enhanced version |  script
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is a free browser plug-in and the most popular user script manager, it is suitable for Blink and WebKit based browsers, like Chrome, Opera Next and Safari. Welcome to download the lightning!

software function

Chrome extension is a grease monkey script management can help the user browser plug-ins, Chrome support, Opera Next and Safari browser, the most important is the plug-in free use of oh.
Baidu SkyDrive direct download assistant (), grease monkey script, download the Baidu SkyDrive and Baidu SkyDrive to share files, avoid downloading the file called Baidu SkyDrive client, access files directly download address, with the IDM download speed! The enhanced version of the 360 security browser compatible. At present, Baidu SkyDrive Baidu SkyDrive PanDownload high-speed download from the official server upgrade forced to disable user response. In fact, when it comes to dial high-speed download, bloggers have been the most commonly used is the browser Greasemonkey with download tools, before these dial third party download tools download has been provided, it is recommended that you use the ease as pressing danger

How to use

Install and use method

1, download the browser to install extensions
2, open the corresponding script page address, click install!
3, now open the browser will display Baidu network disk download helper

(oil monkey) extension installation.
360 browser Https://
Chrome Https://

[Baidu SkyDrive direct download assistant enhanced version] has been renamed Baidu SkyDrive high-speed download helper

SkyDrive / / and share links page download assistant button to view direct download links;
/ / supports single file direct download, and multiple files packaged download (not limited);
/ / share links page download button free dial client calls directly download (not limited);

Direct download links do not limit the download method, with the following tools and IDM/ thunder!

[dial direct download assistant download link support IDM/ access permissions tool thunder]

Dial direct download assistant has been renamed the disk speed download assistant 2018.10.31

1, install the Baidu SkyDrive direct download assistant enhanced version of the script, click the download button > > copy link display assistant;
2, open the gadget and then copy the direct download link, a sound bite automatic conversion is successful, copied to the IDM download.
The tool shell may report drug! The principle is the tool to replace

EX- Baidu cloud disk speed version of 2018.03.23 (v0.3.3) recommended!

[SkyDrive automatic password [3.9.0]] power enhanced version

[city SkyDrive leather disc shows the correct download address]


The direct download network disk assistant straight chain accelerated version

2018-10-31 repair failure problems still support IDM, thunderbolt Download
EX- Baidu cloud disk based on modified more stable, thanks to the author update last night repair;
Modify the direct download link for high-speed download link
Remove each open SkyDrive page middle prompt "EX- Baidu cloud disk loaded successfully"

Note: if the high-speed download button please update the extended version of the program does not show grease monkey!
In addition to my SkyDrive does not display refresh page to high-speed download button!

This morning the dial server revision of the CSS style and JS files, all current script trailer!
* the emergency repair share links page does not display the download button assistant, thanks to Sun Jianbo;
V2 repair direct download links to my SkyDrive interior point generation or display link error problem;

# my SkyDrive and share links page display download helper button;
# my SkyDrive download assistant support access to all direct download chain;
# large files / single file / multiple file / directory Direct Download, free calls Baidu SkyDrive client;
High speed direct download link # support access to individual files (any file download speed is not a non member)!
A single file # obtain direct high-speed download link IDM/ thunderbolt download speed stable hook support!
(to the original author of the Baidu SkyDrive download assistant v0.9.4 version fixes the following questions and modification based on)
(a, restoration of the original author 0.9.4 version does not show [Download] assistant button problem in my SkyDrive)
(B, solved the sharing links page for repair of a after [] will call the client download)

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