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Mentor Graphics the latest version of the 3.3

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  • Update: 2018-11-09
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 Mentor Graphics  the latest version of the 3.3
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is required for the electronic product design process of heat simulation solutions can from conceptual design to manufacturing stage follow-up can be used, can improve product quality, reliability and shorten time to market. By integrating EDA and MCAD design flow, allows engineers to complete cooling simulation analysis using the same design data, greatly shorten the development time, effective cost savings.

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(EDA) technology leader, to provide software and hardware design solutions, enabling the company to quickly and efficiently develop the electronic products better. The company provides innovative products and solutions to help design engineers to overcome the challenges they face in the increasingly complex board and chip design in the field of. Mentor graphics have the most extensive industry's most outstanding product portfolio, and is the only one with embedded software solutions company EDA.
As the industry's first combined with MDA. EDA electronic cooling simulation solutions, compared with the traditional simulation software has unique technical advantages:
1. in the conceptual stage to start the simulation, simulation throughout the design process.
is a design from concept to cover the design verification stage electronic cooling system
3. visual object based grid technology, good convergence, GUI modeling, the powerful function can be customized
4. from the two successful software DNA: FloTHERM and FloEFD
5. design engineers and engineer can use

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Mentor graphics Corporation, electronic hardware and software design of the world's leading products and provide consulting services, released the FloTHERM version of XT 2, is a unique, award-winning thermal simulation solutions that can be used in all stages of electronic product design process, from conceptual design to production, improve product quality, reliability and market the time.
The solution to today's two major trends, namely electronic challenges and geometric complexity. The driving factors of electronic challenge is the speed, density and energy consumption, and electronic systems, PCB and electronic system. Geometric growing complexity is caused by reduced size and influence of industrial design, industrial design and the need to deal with complex shape. In technology, effectively connecting the mechanical design automation (MDA) and electronic design automation (EDA), and to meet the demand of thermal design engineers and experts. This electronic cooling simulation virtual prototype scheme to support earlier, fewer design iterations, and advanced the "hypothetical" analysis, in order to improve product quality and faster time to market. In key markets, products can make the design team to benefit from the components to the design team of electronic application systems, these industries including automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, computing, industrial automation and consumer electronics industries.

 MentorGraphics  2.3

Combining the electronics cooling DNA from the Mentor Graphics (R) Corporation's market-leading FloTHERM (R) thermal analysis software, and Concurrent Computational Fluid Dynamic (Concurrent CFD) technology from the FloEFD (TM) product, the solution offers the power and performance to solve complex electronics systems design problems. The product's easy-to-use interface is fully configurable so new users can customize the functionality features on the screen, providing a scalable user experience that can be adapted as the needs of the design project change.
Imported or CAD-generated geometries work seamlessly with the 's SmartPart Library of models, and automatic meshing and data convergence provide significant reduction in execution times. It also provides an easy and intuitive direct interface to enterprise platforms such as the market-leading Mentor Expedition (R) Enterprise solution. The direct integration of the product with PCB design flows will reduce time-consuming data translation and costly errors. As a result, is the only solution on the market that allows engineers to work effortlessly with geometry created in the MDA or EDA world.

 MentorGraphics  2.3

Mentor Graphics is a technology leader in electronic design automation (EDA), providing software and hardware design solutions that enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. The company offers innovative products and solutions that help engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design. Mentor Graphics has the broadest industry portfolio of best-in-class products and is the only EDA company with an embedded software solution.

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