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TGP the latest version of v3.18.5 assistant game client Tencent

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-25
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 TGP v3.18.5 the latest version of Tencent game client assistant
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Tencent TGP game client, include Tencent platform boutique game, designed for hundreds of millions of users to create new game Tencent, the most complete, the most convenient one-stop gaming platform. The user can through the Tencent game platform quick search and download the game is the fastest Tencent, Tencent game download tool.  TGP Tencent latest version of the game client

Tencent TGP game client function introduction

Game library, the latest and most complete games together
Tencent include full platform boutique game, both casual games, role-playing games, or games, there is always a right for you.

 TGP Tencent latest version of the game client

Game management, the ultimate smooth experience
Exclusive download speed channel, greatly enhance the speed of download / update; intelligent detection update, make full use of the network is idle, every game is the latest version of a key constituency; free seconds into the game, to help you quickly enter the game area, simplify the operation.
Privilege Packs, help upgrade speed
For hundreds of millions of Tencent game user tailored exclusive game privilege, a variety of popular games value package, boost speed upgrade, enjoy the most fun gaming experience.
Acceleration Center, games run more smoothly
Intelligent selection of accelerating link, greatly enhance the quality of network games, Ping value and reduce the packet loss rate, away from the machine, dropped. A rapid release of free memory, memory space, games run more smoothly; intelligent network protection, optimization and other processes to ensure the game network occupied bandwidth.

 TGP Tencent latest version of the game client

Guardian shield, game property safer
Professional account Trojan killing, safety protection, safety protection, Game 4 intercept phishing site security services, comprehensive protection operation from the login to the game account, every detail from the account security to property safety of the game, the game is more assured.

 TGP Tencent latest version of the game client

Convenient entrance, a key direct
Convenient entrance built rich, a key fast arrived at the self-service query page, game information / recharge page, the official forum, with the login state, operation more convenient.


Provide jungler timing, timing, timing, crystal / plug eye monitoring function, effectively enhance the gaming experience.
Official statistics record
The official the latest and most complete record information, let you instantly replay.
God game match
HD free view exclusive live full service strongest game game player.
Hot news
Provide the latest and most popular news, Master League hot.

Update log

2016-5-10 (

1, landing interface new housekeeper tips;

2, to support the selection of Royal Dragon start the game in the classic version of big day.

Common problem

How to improve the Tencent game platform (TGP) level?
The use of TGP in daily activities, complete the tasks within the TGP client can get TGP experience. When the experience value reaches a certain amount, you can upgrade.
TGP display panel in the game is not complete, how to do?
Tencent currently only supports the game client game has been beta beta and part of the game, the game can only be supported in the TGP display panel, the specific support of the game list can be checked in the "game library".

If your game is TGP in support of the game, but still not be displayed, you can manually add the way from the line to add, specific methods are as follows:
1, automatic scanning (recommended)
Step 1: click on the TGP panel "management" button, select "add a local game"
Step 2: "full scan game" function in the pop-up panel.
2, add
Step 1: click on the TGP panel "management" button, select "manually add the game"
Step 2: to add a select installation directory of the game in the pop-up panel.
The 3 game, drag the shortcut
Step 1: a shortcut to drag the game or the game to program files in the TGP panel.
How to set up the game update?
Automatic updates can make TGP to help you detect whether the client needs to update the game. If you need to update it, TGP network will be in your spare time, help you automatically update the game, so you in every game are the latest version. The following settings "automatic update method":
1, enter the TGP toolbox panel
2, in the "game management" panel, select "automatically update" button


I now live 1. repair community five reaction BUG
2. game update error repair
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