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Palm TGP Dungeon Fighter Online client Android mobile version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2017-07-04
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Palm TGP Dungeon Fighter Online client Android mobile version
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Palm TGP DungeonFighter , Dnf The official game assistant, the latest game information, the preemptive performance, and the attention of friends and D PS Situation, understand the growth of the role of the game data, there is a key to the replacement, friends chat and other convenient functions. Dungeons And warrior player is essential. Download it now.

Latest information

Gather the latest information and activity information to get a better understanding of the overall game dynamics.

My record

Official full data support, record and ranking information more comprehensive, more accurate query results.

Keypad repeater

Reduce the frequent button operation and easily experience the pleasure of combatant

Mouse assistant

Reduce the frequent mouse operation, greatly improving the builder's attack power

One button replacement

Quick and convenient, a button second for the whole body

DPS statistics

Real time accurate damage output, quick understanding of self and teammates ability.

Blood strip synthesis

Show total injury, BOSS blood volume at a glance.

BOSS location

Clearly show the location of BOSS, so that BOSS has nowhere to hide.

Background transparency

Remove the black screen at the settlement stage, the game's line of sight is not blocked.
[information] fastest information, game version introduction, first-hand activity information. Important news and interesting news are in my hands.
[Video] latest and most complete video, celebrity video, career recommendation video
[query / strategy] card inquiry collection function. Title, equipment, fashion, pets and other basic enquiries, the main tasks, copies, deputy, mall and other novice strategy, more adventurous group perseverance emperor's choice.
[occupation] the most comprehensive career strategy is to add some simulation and equipment recommendations, collect the equipment that you like and set it up as a goal.
[community] Palm swim treasure The most welfare in the community is the show of self in the reality show, the hand in hand of the brother-in-law brother-in-law, the Laurie sister follow, the green age group tour, and the personality card is exclusive.
[entertainment] most entertaining people's novels, funny cartoons, exquisite wallpaper, dynamic ringtones, creating DNF entertainment surrounding holy land.

Update log

Palm TGP update content

1, new famine friends in famine areas.

2. The function of new discussion area in famine area.

3, optimize some functional experience.

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