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Pro 11 win10 11.4.2 Chinese cracked version containing crack file

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  • Update: 2017-09-19
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Pro 11 win10 Chinese cracked version of the 11.4.2 file containing crack
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Pro 11 is the latest version of the image processing software DxO is introduced, which is a very powerful and focused on the RAW format image file processing tool. All current RAW picture format supports almost, there are considerable advantages in color light compensation. The need friends don't miss, lightning now welcome download!


The official introduction

Evaluation agencies DxO updated its OpticsPro image processing software, the upgraded OpticsPro 11 flagship software "Prime" noise reduction function, DxO and PRIME 2016 in the early commitment to better protect the picture out of focus and retain more details to reduce the picture, especially the shadow part. In addition, the processing speed of the new software have increased dramatically, compared to the previous generation OpticsPro 11 speed increase of about 4X. Intelligent light function is one of the main features of Pro software, it can according to the actual need to modify the local luminance and contrast only, does not affect the overall situation. OpticsPro 11 smart brighten function joined the "spot-weighted" option, the user can use this option to control the adjustment scope and extent, to help protect the screen contrast. Finally, Pro 11 is also a feature support for the screen automatically corrected by reading the data in the RAW file.

Pro 11 new features

1, DxO PRIME 2016 noise reduction technology

The industry-leading denoising function faster and more powerful

The weighted pattern 2, intelligent lighting.

The use of face detection, intelligent smart tone mapping to the entire image

3, intelligent to eye

Automatic detection and correction of the red eyes

Automatic tuning, enhancing the image details of your

Automatic image enhancement details of your image, but smart enough to leave the face and high standards of integrity

5, enhance the choice of color preservation mode

For a more natural appearance color preservation

6, full screen display mode

Browse your pictures in a non jamming environment personally on the scene.

7, ranking and filtering shortcuts

By using the new keyboard shortcuts to easily select photos

Crack method

1. installation of Pro 11 the latest version of the software!

2. click Install Pro 11. software do not open after installation. Note: do not change the default installation directory, otherwise it may not be successfully cracked!

3. when installing the choice of French (Francais),

4. copies of compressed Pa.exe ( Pro 11 crack file) program to install directory!

5. running Pa.exe, click the Patch button (Leopard head left) of the source program (main program is setup to patch).

Remember, the patch must be closed (i.e. main program setup). Otherwise it will fail!

Then the software finished 6.

Finished installation steps

1, if you have previously installed Pro, please clean up the relevant documents, in order to avoid the phenomenon of incomplete localization.

2, the installation of French (Francais), Chinese is the Chinese interface, otherwise, to the software in the language setting method is: open the preferences (or press Ctrl + Shift + P), in the language settings (Language) where the language is set to France in French, restart the program is simplified Chinese version.

3, chs.cmd automatically finished, if not because of problems such as authority or path automatically finished, please refer to the following steps.

4, copy the fr directory to the C:\Program Files\DxO Labs\Pro 10\fr directory with the same name, overwrite the original file.

5, copy the DXOOpticsPro.exe file to the C:\Program Files\DxO Labs\Pro 11, covering the original file. (this step is optional, affects only a few strings, can not operate).

6, copy the "default Chinese documents" inside the DxO folder to the C:\ProgramData\Pro 11 Labs, the original Pro 11 folder directly delete the current copy paste. (this step and the next step is optional, only affect the default name)

7, the C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\DxO_Labs\Pro 10\Presets to delete all folders. May this folder is hidden.

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