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Wan Cai animation master 2.5.4 latest cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2018-11-05
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Wan Cai animation master 2.5.4 latest cracked version
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Marketing animated cartoon production software is a free MG animation video production software, easy to use. A simple software can make professional effects, which is suitable for making enterprise publicity animation, animation advertising, marketing animation, multimedia courseware, micro class and so on. The user can add characters, pictures, videos, SWF, sound files, etc., and finally make it into a professional animation video effect. For some users, if a professional animation video production company is to do it, the cost will be very expensive. The introduction of Wan Cai animation master has saved users a lot of time and money, so that education, enterprises, advertising, media, film and television industries can produce animation works at low cost and fast.

Functional characteristics

1. Quick and simple operation experience.
The master interface of Wan Cai video production is simple, easy to operate, and can be learned in a short time. On the endless video canvas, you can make professional level animation video easily by editing freely.

2. Massive and exquisite animation template
A large number of simple and elegant animation templates, covering multiple themes, easily download and replace template contents, can quickly produce cool animation publicity videos, micro class videos, etc.

3, unique lens effects.
The lens effects of zoom, rotate and move make the animation video more lens sense, so that the audience has better visual enjoyment, and the lens switching is very smooth, making every aspect of the animation video more colorful.

4, arbitrary graphics combination.
A variety of graphics, you can freely combine all kinds of graphics into new graphics, perfect combination of creativity and imagination, and make animated audiences new.

5, HD vector image library
You can add pictures to the scene or add high-definition vector images in the scene, making personalized Animation videos easily. In addition to the high-definition vector map that the software comes with, it can also add local local vector images, enabling every scene in animated video to be rendered vividly.


1. fix problems when editing timeline or output video. (third party library bug caused)
2. fix the problem that output video will get stuck due to sound problems.
3. add permission to foreground
4. optimize foreground name display
5. solve the new video invisible BUG after increasing the extension time line.
6. modify upload to cloud
7. repairing the problem of the position of handwritten animation tip, the problem of invalid hand animation picture and so on.
8. optimize loading animation effect panel.
9. repair the effect of "top amplification" and "always show" while using objects disappear.
10. fix the manual input of the selected music duration BUG in the audio editing.
11. in the case of broken network, add a break net prompt and refresh button to the character and animation material.
12. repair the butterfly guide. The animation effect will display incomplete problems.
13. repairing the problem of manually changing data in sound editing.
14. optimization chart
15. repair mobile animation and approach animation close together, the object entry location will be wrong.
Installation and usage tutorial:

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