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AE Boris Continuum Complete 11.0.3 Chinese effects version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-05-26
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 AE Boris Continuum Complete 11.0.3 Chinese effects version
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Boris Continuum Complete is a AE based special plug-in, it is commonly known as the BCC plug-in, to provide comprehensive solutions for video image synthesis, processing, keying, color, deformation and so on, in addition, the BCC plugin also provides particle, light, lens flare, smoke fog and so on as many as 200 kinds of effects and the effect of thousands of presupposition, download it quickly!

The software features

1, up to thousands of filters include 3D objects such as extruded text, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and lights, keys and mask, 3 way color grading and other color correction tools.

2, based on the influence of time, such as light stabilizer, the perspective effect, fuzzy, light, and theater effect.

3, all filter processing or OpenGL hardware acceleration, whether it is for an interactive effects design experience many advantages.

4, more than the default 1000 professional design.

5, you can save and share the freedom of his own stunts, and the establishment of adjustment to the specific needs of a project set custom preset.

6, presupposition can be application sharing and matching installations on any host in which BCC BCC is installed.


Primatte studio
Synthesis technology using the same Oscar nominated (Photron's Primatte) easily chroma key and composite, as the Lord of the rings series, Harry Potter and other major blockbuster spider man movie. The new Primatte Studio is the ultimate Blue / green screen tool set. Exclusive features include:
Analysis of automatic green / blue
Manual adjusting transparency
- adjust the lighting to correct the uneven light screen
Foreground object detection, in order to provide the key to perfect single color sample
- Academy Award winning Mocha comprehensive screen and plane tracking system
VR unit
Edit and complete 360 video personally on the scene is a time-consuming task. 5 provides a new 360 optimization VR filter unit for the editors, to speed up the release process. In host timeline, while avoiding the conventional VR filter inherent joint. Support 180360, mono and stereo! 360 / VR Mocha VR based on the award-winning.
Safety broadcast
Tired of your project failed to achieve the broadcast safety standards? Is your new radio security filter has been solved in a key search scheme. Simply select the desired preset broadcast standard, filter automatically generated the final result - to ensure perfect image. Part of the image restoration unit, broadcast security filters provide:
- automatic operation - simply select the desired preset
- preset contains all broadcast standards, such as EBU 103, PAL, NTSC
Correct color range automatic detection of 709 and 601 color filter
- various color modes, including RGB, YRGB, composite, chroma
- custom mode, full manual control of all colors within the scope of the knee and clip
- develop and save custom presets
Title Studio update
The new Title Studio includes a 3D rendering engine for realistic 3D projection and depth, the motion path of the spline based animation on a path for multiple objects, faster performance, simplified user interface and more presets / templates.
Title Studio is the next generation of 2D / 3D title. Features include:
Use custom angle, filling style and style to create 2D or 3D title.
OpenGL acceleration features including 3D extrusion, material, camera, lighting and deformation
The model imported from 3D C4D or Maxon Adobe Illustrator EPS file.
Contains a custom interface plug-in and standalone applications.

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