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Release the latest version of the 2 Android version 1.5.6

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  • Update Date: 2017-12-27
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Release the latest version of the 2 Android version 1.5.6
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Let go of the 2 Android version of the Three Kingdoms. It is to liberate the second works of the Three Kingdoms, and let the three countries get a great success on mobile phones. The second works also follow. Players can not only experience the full three kingdoms feelings in this game, but also play all the Games in the previous work.

Let go of the 2 Android features of the Three Kingdoms.

1. On the basis of previous work, the game style is enhanced and the picture is more three-dimensional and moving.
2, enriching the movements of characters, the Three Kingdoms will be able to easily spread their silly arms in the game.

3, add new play, so that players will not feel boring in the game!

Release the 2 Android version of the three countries:

"Let go of the Three Kingdoms 2" as the background of the well-known Chinese classic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", combined with the most popular card game forms nowadays, makes players instantly return to the battle of the Three Kingdoms troubled by heroes and heroic forces. In this troubled world, whether it is loyalty and unparalleled Guan Yun Long, white horse silver gun Zhao Zilong, or the size of two fans who are obsessed with Cao Cao, they all sell the sprouting attack, Q to your heart.

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