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3387 word game production tool V3.13.10 official version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2017-12-11
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 3387 word game production tool V3.13.10 official version
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3387 text Game making The tool is a game production software released by the 3387 word game website. Players who like to play word games can make their favorite games through this tool, and can submit them to the 3387 word game official website platform. There are also corresponding tutorials to help you make tours.

3387 is a word game paradise, where you can wander in all kinds of ancient wind, modern, magic, animation and other types of characters woven game dream. There are all kinds of interesting games, producers of love, games of prizes, and 3387 mascots to accompany you every day. The game here is a little bit produced by our players, through a paragraph of text to pull you into the immersive environment, so when you play the game in 3387, do not forget your message will continue to update the production of the biggest driver.

Simple and interesting production

No need to program quickly.

Different backgrounds, personalities, aesthetical music and real sound effects can be combined into one story or tender or hot blooded, suspense or witty story, which perfectly presents your creative brain hole.

Personalized operation

Massive and exquisite material, customized personalized interface, the role of the plot is determined by you, making exquisite and fun game is no longer a patent for others!

3387 game platform display

Respect your imagination and inspire latent talents. You are not only a player, but also a creator. There are plenty of activities, heavy gifts, cash and so on.

First, cover

Covers include: game name, start game, loading files, environment settings, game ends

1. game name

Replace the base map: the mouse selects the title box base map, drag the material you want to the scene, or select the material directly in the material library to select the material to replace.

Delete the base map: the right mouse button selects "delete the base map".

Note: the name of the game can be selected after the template is saved and applied.


2. start the game and other button settings (using the "start game" button as a case).

Select the background map of the gray part of the game, right click to delete the base map, delete the button's sound effects, and hide the internal text.


Drag the prepared button base material to the template area, or select the material that you want to replace directly in the material library.

Figure 1: mouse leaving / unselected state; Figure 2: mouse through / selected state.

Drag and drop Figure 1 into the scene, select mouse leave / unselected state, click OK.

In the same way, select the button base map area, drag Figure 2 into the scene, then select the mouse / select state, click OK.



Then right click to select [hidden internal text].

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