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3387 word game production tools V3.13.10 official version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-11
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 3387 text game production tools V3.13.10 official version
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3387 text Game production The 3387 tool is the word game website game production software, love to play word games game player can create your love of the game through this tool, and can be submitted to the 3387 word games website platform to show, as well as the corresponding tutorial to help you make the game oh!

The 3387 is a word game paradise, where you can wander in various ancient, modern, magic, animation and other various types of weaving words from the game in the dream. There are a variety of interesting games, love game producer, game related awards, there are 3387 mascots shining to accompany you happy every day of the game. Here is our game game player a little make up, through a section of text will pull you into personally on the scene environment, so when you play 3387 games at the same time, don't forget your message will be the biggest power game player continue to update the production.

Simple and interesting

No programming required to get started quickly

The different background, all kinds of characters, beautiful music, sound into a true combination or tenderness or blood, or suspense or playful stories, perfect presentation of your creative brain hole!

Personalized operation

Massive fine material, custom personalized interface, the role went up to you, making fun of the game is no longer a delicate patent of others!

3387 platform game show

Respect your imagination, stimulate hidden talents, so you not only the game player, is an inventor! There are abundant activities, heavy cash gifts waiting for you to come!

A, cover

The cover includes the name of the game, start the game, loading files, environment settings, the end of the game

1. the name of the game

Map: replace the mouse to select the title box map, will you want the material until the scene, or selected directly in the library, click to replace material.

Delete map: the right mouse button, select "delete map" button.

Note: the name of the game can be saved in the template after the start application can choose whether to hide [Title].


2. to start the game button settings (in the "play" button as a case)

Select the background gray at the start of the game, right click the delete button to delete map, sound, hidden text.


The button base material will be prepared onto the template region, or selected directly in the library, click to replace material.

Figure 1: mouse left / unselected state; 2: after the mouse / selected.

Figure 1 will drag onto the scene, select the mouse left unselected state [/] Click ok.

The same way, the button base area is selected, 2 will map drag to the scene, and then choose [/] after the mouse selected, click ok.



Then right click [text] hidden inside

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