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Mindjet 17.2.208 finished 2017 Chinese cracked version of the win10 64 serial number win/mac

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2017-12-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Mindjet  17.2.208 finished 2017 Chinese cracked version of the win10 64 serial number win/mac
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Mindjet 2017 17.0.290 Chinese version Chinese Excellent thinkmap management software is a very good mind map software oh. , Chinese trademark translation C, commonly known as "brain map" is a general standard of creation, management and exchange of ideas in the drawing software, developed by the American Mindjet company, has a direct, visual interface, friendly user interface and abundant functions.
Mindjet 2017 Chinese version
Mindjet 2017 Chinese Chinese version Is an easy to use project management software, can well improve collaboration between the project team and the work efficiency of team members. It is a method for organizing resources and management of the project, from the map derived from various branches core ideas and information association.
Mindjet 2017 Chinese Chinese version The Chinese version of Chinese is a bit like a pen on paper writing and painting technology (certainly more advanced than this), it is more than 40 years on how the brain receives in the best condition and Research on information processing based on the results of. The research shows that the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for processing, linear, rational and logical analysis, the relatively strong business and language skills, while the right hemisphere is responsible for those nonlinear, intuition and concept, integrity, strong imagination affairs and non language ability. The study also showed that when a message and stimulate the brain two left hemisphere, the memory effect and innovation opportunities will be greatly improved. The traditional text and other forms of information processing in the left hemisphere, and the right hemisphere is better for the corresponding hierarchical structure, spatial orientation, icons, color and other information.
Mindjet 2017 Chinese Chinese version The Chinese version of Chinese can be formed in the minds of your ideas, strategies and business information into a blueprint for action, make your team and organization in a more rapid, flexible and coordinated manner to carry out the work. It is a visual tool that can be used in brainstorming (brainstorm) and plan (plan). Provide business people a more effective and electronic means to capture, organize and contact information (information) and ideas (idea).
The concept of image thinking in human beings for their in-depth exploration of how the brain works in the process of image thinking method. Through the stimulation of vision, touch and feel, in order to enhance creativity and understanding of the purpose of . Using image thinking method, make the information at the same time to stimulate the two hemispheres of the brain, the interface allows the user to edit the image of "shorthand" to create and exchange ideas and information. It is designed with a person's way of thinking the same natural and direct work environment, so it can reduce your time, energy, alleviate the pressure, to improve your work efficiency. It is simple, intuitive, flexible interface reasonable, pipelined communication way and special creative inspiration trigger mechanism, end of project management, quality control, service quality improvement, and decision-making, have played a very good role in promoting.
Mindjet 2017 Chinese version
Fast capture ideas: the graphical mapping interface is easy to use, make your idea of quick documentation; easily organize information: drag and drop, easy graphic content, development ideas make you faster, to build a more perfect plan; create a visual graphics rich content: drawing the relationship between different thoughts directly, adding to the number and color in order to highlight important information to use a dividing line of similar ideas into groups, icons and images to facilitate their browsing and others report a powerful picture; using the Presentation model will show your graphics to others, or graphics content is exported to Microsoft PowerPoint, the complex ideas and information faster communicate with Microsoft; Office seamless integration with Microsoft software seamlessly integrated, fast data import or export it to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project and Visio.
Graphic sharing: will your graphics through Email sent to friends or colleagues, can also be released for the HTML and posted to Intranet or Web site.
Official homepage
2017 Windows - what's new
Sharing more powerful
Share your map and everyone needs to review your work. 2017 lets you export map in HTML5 so you can easily share maps, meetings, activities, projects, and flow chart. You open the door in almost all of the web browser, so you can share your mind map, concept map and chart clarity and understanding.
Strong integration
Do more and get the most out of your application has been used. Create a project plan and position management in . Map your meeting record and share in Google Docs minutes. Receive the update project in the map, your team to add files to Google drive box or OneDrive. No matter what the situation, we have you covered. Export map content over 700 leading cloud applications and Zapier. Or, the conversion from these applications to map the dashboard powerful receiving updates.
Dynamic layout more
In addition to the interactive mind map, organization chart, flow chart and concept map, we have added a new type of chart, timeline. Clear product roadmap, key projects and new milepost, and dynamic schedule plans to launch a marketing layout. The use of powerful functions, such as filtering generate custom views, convenient navigation or walk through the pattern of labeling index of compelling presentations.
Better project planning and management
project planning ability is more powerful, so you never miss a deadline. The deadline increase focus and dependency, a new view using the critical path. Screening in the critical path of the project schedule, focus on the impact of the most important activities. will also highlight the task to you when they come late, or in risk, saving you time and effort in your project plan at work.
More vision
With more than 700 themes to add images to the image library, you can express your ideas and plans more effectively, improve retention and understanding. All of the template has been updated, a new scalable image.
More convenient
Fast storage, retrieval and sharing files using simplified file management. If you store on your desktop files, Microsoft SharePoint online or access files in your firewall, or online box, 2017 for Windows provides a unified look and feel, to work faster and more simple and share your map.
More effective
The use of improved charting tools to simplify and improve the process flow diagram to create mapping efficiency. New tools include a fly out of shape and use ability of theme selector rightangle relationship line.
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