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Norton Enterprise Edition 1212 simplified version Chinese

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  • Update: 2016-10-14
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Norton Enterprise Edition 1212 simplified version Chinese
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Norton is the Enterprise Edition An enterprise within the scope of the workstation and server provides cross platform antivirus expansion, with enhanced security features and centralized policy management, administrator management logic of client and server group, lightning editorial recommendation you need to download to use!

 Norton Enterprise Edition 1212 simplified version Chinese

The software features

1, the administrator can create, deploy and lock the security strategy and settings, make the system keep up-to-date and properly configured.

2, through the centralized management console, administrators can audit the network node, unprotected recognition.

Node 3, by Symantec AntiVirus or Computer Associates, enterprise edition of McAfee, Panda, Sophos or Trend Micro antivirus product protection.

Node 4, this function can make the administrator security protection before the accident, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system and the user's work efficiency.

Functional characteristics

1, firewall

NIS firewall is a two-way firewall, and the computer from the network.

Bloodhound "heuristic technique" is the most simple and effective way, can inspire a host of virtual environment, and does not affect the real machine case, induced by malicious programs to borrow, many companies have inspired.

BloodHound is a heuristic detection technology exclusive by Symantec, suspicious behavior to detect virus.

BloodHound will create a safe virtual environment, the virus showed its bad intentions, but will not affect the stability of operation of the computer itself.

SONAR (online Symantec network technology foresight) inspired only run to the virtual host, if the unfortunate trojan virus into the real host, you have to use the behavior of Defense Technology ".

Defensive behavior will analyze suspicious behavior of the program, and to stop, Norton's famous SONAR is undoubtedly the most mature.

The general behavior of the defense is very passive, only foreign connection in the malicious program operation.

Norton is "active" attack, each file read and write will immediately scan (real time), greatly reduces the risk of being hacked.

2, browser protection

As the name suggests is the vulnerability protection against system vulnerabilities of anti blocking, let the threat of invasion "defense style had no door".

Compared with the complex virus code, apparently have many loopholes in management efficiency directly.

Norton's approach is: most often kept hacking of browser vulnerabilities, whether you are IE or Firefox users can get the maximum protection.

Even do that even the multimediaplug-in loophole is effective control.

3, identity protection

Network security software is ultimately to protect the computer itself, and there was a computer data file.

Online account password is the most important but also the most vulnerable to theft, but a leak often causes property damage.

Name card type identity protection Norton exclusive provides the best solutions for each line, the name card automatic login, let the user by keyloggers and other malicious programs.

Norton Insight intelligent scanning technology Norton added in 2009.

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