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Adobe 2017 version v18.1.1.252 + x64 complete version of patch serial number

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  • Update: 2018-03-13
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 Adobe  2017 cracked version v18.1.1.252 + x64 complete version of patch serial number
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Adobe 2017 18.0.1 + x64 Chinese version Release。 November 2016 Adobe The official release of the latest version of Adobe 2017 Chinese version. Adobe 2017 Patch Chinese version removed Photoshop CS6 The inclusion function, new camera anti shake function, CameraRAW function, improved image sampling, improve the properties panel improvement, integrated Behance function, Creative and Cloud, namely cloud function.
2017 Chinese version
Adobe 2017 software
Following the 2012 launch of the Photoshop version of Adobe CS6, Adobe and MAX in the conference on the launch of a new
Photoshop version of the CC (Creative Cloud). In a keynote speech, Adobe announced (Creative Cloud) of several new features, including: camera anti shake function, Camera RAW function improvement, improve image sampling, attribute panel improvement, Behance integration, synchronization settings and other useful features.

1, support board
The primary function of this update is to support the board. Although the AI already has this feature, but as the UI and Web design of the main force, the lack of PS on this function, cause when you Amway Sketch often get more support board thing. But starting today, many can not support Sketchpad Sketch in PS CC 2015 before Joseph reason! You no longer have happily installed dual display, but only on a map inside!
2, the new design patterns: PS design space
Never underestimate the power of Adobe. If more than just between PS and Sketch board support simple "personal", the new "design space" is chasing Sketch. The official description, PS design space is the exclusive function of life for the web and UI design! When you open this mode is the PS interface, such as 3D that has nothing to do with the UI/Web design features will be hidden, you will have a UI exclusive design interface!
3, Adobe Gallery
Whether it is for independent designers or large design institutes, the gallery is a necessity. The designer with limited financial resources free or low price Gallery Gallery, the material is not enough, for the graphic design agency; large enough funds to purchase the rich content of comprehensive coverage of commercial gallery, need to use the map when, on the inside looking for. But even with the help of plug-ins, PS call will not be so easy for large gallery.
4 and other key update
The above three is this update is the key of the three, in addition to enhance the Bug repair and performance, the PS CC 2015 there are many exciting new features.
1, cloud material association
Developers want the code to write once run anywhere, now the designers creative cloud material library has achieved a modified synchronization everywhere! Only need to use the material association function, team collaboration, a material modification, can make all the cloud connected materials are updated in real time!
2, the picture is faster and more convenient
After drawing support add, export and compression are increasing, the user can according to the specific layer and the drawing board are extracted, you can preview preview also specific Sketchpad, save as a function of the user experience is improved.
3, Adobe Preview CC
This is a iOS client in the creative cloud support, you can use this client on iOS real-time preview of your APP UI design, view the actual design effect!
4, the real effect of Fuzzy
The blurred image processing effect make complaints about not true? After this update, fuzzy effect of fuzzy in the gallery, was added a lot of monochrome and color noise, to create a more realistic blur effect.
5, more superposition effect
Effect is not enough? This version of the update in the stack effect in the original added many features and details, let you add more layers and grouping whenever and wherever possible to effect!
6, more powerful repair function
Under the Mercury graphics engine support, brush, brush and stain repair repair repair tool can greatly enhance performance. From the repair effect to repair rate than CS6 upgrade 120 times.
7, more detailed control
With content aware mobile and content aware extension function promotion, the user can control more precisely when the object's rotation, zoom, zoom and angle precision control of precise positioning, and are added to the update function.
8, and more excellent content aware fill
Content aware fill more powerful, more natural edge processing.
9, Adobe Camara 9.1 Raw
After the new update, users can add or remove photos in the haze (this is Chinese people!). In addition, the user for the pictures in black and white level can be more precise control.
10, Windows of high DPI screen support more excellent
Although before the Windows high DPI screen support, but the effect is not ideal. This update fixes this problem.
11, simplify the complexity of the 3D model
3D easy to reduce the resolution of the model, to enhance the performance of PS, let 3D model of high resolution you have better on the tablet, mobile phone and other devices performance.
12, other functions
There are many new features in this update, not all instructions. Listen to some early adopters have installed the students said that this version of PS CC 2015 on the rectangle editing function is also enhanced, it is gratifying.
5, enter the mobile terminal
Adobe to enter the mobile terminal in this matter, made many attempts. Before today's Adobe Photoshop Mix launch, Adobe has launched a number of experimental Photoshop For Phone and Photoshop For Tablet, it would not see. But in the Adobe CC 2015 launched at the same time, Adobe for the Android platform released 4 new software: Adobe Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC (formerly Kuler).
The mobile terminal APP, already login iOS platform, Android platform now in order to compete in the exhibition, the development team dedicated Adobe development kit for the Andorid compiler platform. And test the water before the application of the new version, with particular emphasis on the use of creative cloud, is more emphasized between the mobile terminal and the desktop information sharing, and interoperability function.
Photoshop Mix will provide mobile pictures convenient editing function for the user, Color CC inherited from the previous Kuler, has a unique advantage for color and color.
2017 update 2016.11.02
Within the Application Search
Can be used for the new search panel handy, illustrate the course content and teaching tools, Photoshop, Adobe, Stock panel menu resource, quick search in the application.
XD is more tightly integrated with Adobe
You can now use the SVG element to the clipboard, easily be pasted into the Adobe XD Photoshop design resources.
To accelerate the speed of
By default, easy access to set free Adobe Stock sample (directly from the "File > new" access), quick start project design.
Stock template, 3D objects and search
Adobe Stock market has been incorporated into the design template and 3D object, and you can also be directly Stock search results from the database panel onto the canvas, immediately began to use. Right click the Stock image, which can visually search similar images.
The enhanced properties panel
The "properties" panel will now display the relevant information and documents of the general layer type, so adjust more easily.
Support SVG font color
Any SVG from the Photoshop menu font font installed on your system in access. The SVG font is very suitable for multiparty interaction design, support a variety of color and gradient layer, and can be a bitmap or vector format.
The new Creative Cloud Libraries function
Photoshop Libraries now supports Adobe Stock sample. In addition, the "send" links have been updated, read-only access right you can share the public database. When you focus on a database, the database will be automatically updated in the database and your panel.
Creative Cloud modified Assets function
You store all the resources in the Creative in the Cloud (including the Creative Cloud file in Libraries, using the CC desktop products create resources, and mobile devices, packaging, restoration projects), and to check the version record.
The launch of Typekit Marketplace
You can now buy the font for the industry to some of the most well-known manufacturers, and use these fonts in your Photoshop project. The use of the Typekit font and Web synchronization technology, at any time you need to use the local Marketplace font font.
Higher overall performance
Thanks to the performance (including "faster", Photoshop liquefaction tools) now operate more efficiently.
There's more
At the same time also included "" face perception liquefaction self adjustment and improvement on the "eyes" font user experience.
2017 Chinese version software interface
Has been updated to the latest version 2017. Crack Description: install the official original in trial mode, then the crack is copied to the installation directory and run, in the product list so you find the installation of software, pay attention to the distinction between 32 bit and 64 bit system, the application can.
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If you are using 2015 version of the v16.x, can also use Adobe login account management tools download online upgrade.
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