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ABBYY Pro 12 cracked version v12.0.101.496 patch sequence number

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  • Update: 2017-12-31
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 ABBYY  Pro 12 version v12.0.101.496 patch sequence number
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This updated version of small ABBYY, Tibbers ABBYY cracked version is a picture text recognition software. ABBYY for fast, accurate and convenient way to scan the file format, PDF image convert non editable documents into editable Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML, DjVu retrieval format, and time-consuming manual input file to edit. OCR ABBYY 12 recognition accuracy is up to 99.8%, can instantly identify text, can copy and paste, search or edit, rather than spend countless hours to re format the document or input.

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New features

 Faster, more accurate document conversion 
 faster and better recognition performance 
 compared with the previous version, ABBYY  12 in the standard mode of document conversion processing speed is increased by 15%*. ABBYY  fast mode by fast read mode, the conversion rate can be further increased by 40% (compared with the standard model). The overall OCR 
 version of ABBYY  12 accuracy up to 99.8%*, and graph layout reduction ability than the previous version upgrade 30%*, English enhance 40%* conversion table, can greatly simplify the business and financial document processing. Synchronous 
 real-time file open and synchronize 
ABBYY  12 allows you to start immediately after opening a new file conversion file and the file, and the OCR at all is synchronous in the background. 
 fast text and data extraction 
ABBYY  12 simplified text and data extraction - now it takes only a few. 
 seamless file sharing and cloud access 
ABBYY  12 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft SharePoint Online to provide direct and Office365 integration, can easily and effectively achieve the conversion of file sharing, image retrieval, document retrieval and document sent to the popular cloud storage terminal: Baidu cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft, SkyDrive R, through the use of native Windows dialog box to open or save. 
 image enhancement technology 
ABBYY  12 can be automatically converted into scan file photo quality. 
 is more simple and efficient results verify the 
ABBYY results of the  12 steps calibration more convenient check: enhancement tools can be combined to check and check the character format synchronously, intuitive shortcuts and tab controls can lead you to easily complete the verification. 
 recognition language more and more accurate 
 new ABBYY  12 significantly improve the identification of the Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and korean.

> version features

The official version of the production based on professional
The official original installation, stable and compatible
Modify the installation script automatically agree to the license agreement, not boot program
Installed automatic activation, and delete patch without authorization service
Keep Chinese, Chinese, English simplified traditional Chinese and Russian Literature
Automatically remove boot screen software
PS: the installation package is used in self extract package 7z compression, can also run RunSetup.exe to install after decompression


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