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Handheld TGP 1.11.2 mobile phone version of the official website of Android

  • Software size: unknown
  • Software language: simplified Chinese
  • Software Categories: domestic software
  • Update: 2017-05-23
  • Authorization: sharing software
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Handheld TGP 1.9.1 Android mobile phone version of the software.

Pocket TGP is a Tencent produced a mobile phone terminal Tencent game assistant tools, you still all day facing the computer, waiting to sign TGP collar exchange volume? You can only use the computer to use TGP to manage the game? Want to check the record, read the news, read the news, can only use the computer? On the day before the official TGP finally launched a mobile terminal APP, this is really the beginning time and again, closed ended, can now be used.

 Handheld TGP 1.9.1 mobile phone version of the official website of Android

Handheld TGP features

1. Games: always switch games, see the Raiders game information, data of different games, has opened the hero alliance zone, Dungeon Fighter Online area.

2. friends: call friends in the game, play together with a copy of the brush roll, easy.

3. new information: game time, funny atlas, high play Raiders, the official starter activities, live events, video game player, easy to grasp the new game information.

4. game data: view the game data at any time, the game data comprehensive analysis here.

User experience

Small experience of handheld TGP first found that this is a very good use of APP. Because the APP has just released, so there are only LOL and DNF two area provided user selection, according to the official hand said, soon, many other games will have a handheld TGP login. Layout, keys are very humane, and has the advantages of simple operation, can greatly facilitate multi game management.

The palm of various functions on TGP is very rich, in LOL area as an example, we can log in the game account, through handheld TGP to see the detailed record, and their latest game information etc.. In addition to these, the establishment of the team can actually call the room with it, open the black team mate, the function is very strong indeed.

Next, the key to the palm, TGP is a Tencent official produced, we all know that LOL is a Tencent agent game, TGP has the most comprehensive game data, personal record, record Goods are available in all varieties. team. In addition to the above mentioned, from the official TGP have powerful data display function, through the use of handheld TGP can be killed, four, triple play Super etc. all screenshots to micro-blog, WeChat and QQ sun.

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