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PCschematic15 finished version installation tutorial

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2016-11-25
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 PCschematic15 finished version installation tutorial
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The lightning brings PCschematic15 Is the electrical CAD software from Denmark, its design from some basic concepts, that is for your drawing only components of the electrical symbols, deal with the electrical characteristics of their actual, this design scheme more reasonable and practical, for drawing electrical and electronic principle diagram and installation figure.
In addition to some basic drawing functions, PCschematic15 there are many special functions, especially suitable for electrical design projects, including all the drawings are integrated into the automatic update of a file, reference circuit and signal to automatically update the project and page information, automatically generate a list, automatically generates installation budget, automatic generation, automatic wiring diagram cable series intelligent reference indicator, automatic PLC function, component installation layout, components decomposition, design check function, cable color control etc.. With him, you can safely pay attention to technical problems, let PCschematic to handle all the practical details, this can save more resources to do more important things.

software function

1, survey and navigation
Oriented design: all parts of the design, in a file with many pages in the form of representation - including principle diagram, overall layout, list, table of contents, chapters and so on
- enhanced Explorer window for quick navigation between design and page design, as well as in the design of the page to find symbols.
- list of objects: for all types of objects in design view, and for editing text
Online reference: click and jump to the other symbol elements in the list, or click and jump to the element
Display windows available: show what components are available directly in the design of electrical symbols
- template, sub graph design automatic generation
Standard design, page and list template can be designed to drag them
- subgraph / additional project data graph - each sub graph can have many different sets of data model
And simply drag the page, sub graph list and sub design (modular modeling and drag and draw), you can create a complete design
The design scheme of definition file, such as Excel files, design automatic generation
List of drawings and templates, import / export
Automatic update list: including the list of parts list (BOM), the list of components, terminal list, cable list tags and PLC list. You can also customize the list.
And PLC configuration tools such as Simat IC ET200S integrated
More than a list of all types can be exported to Excel /XML/ text file format.
Design scheme of any type in the page template can be customized drawings.
Terminal layout, automatic generation of graphical, cable layout and wiring diagram
The wire - drawing number, are highly coordinate display for 2D or 3D map
The Excel label printing
2, database, elements and symbols
The 35 component supplier database
Have a database of each component, electrical symbols and appearance of map symbol
- all database has multifunctional element symbol - click and select menu layout symbols will be (with item data)
Senior copy: all the symbols are intelligent renaming - for instance, in symbol and regional, or insert a subgraph, sub design scheme and design. Copy will contain the data attached to project
Automatic loading using component appearance map symbol - processing in the database
- number of cable color code by the database control
And easily search / edit symbols and data elements
Automatic design of symbols, and the symbols in the symbol library file
- rich IEC/EN symbol library
Design your own sign
- own database program can be used to deal with, such as the Access file
ODBC+ + MDAC interface for communication and database system
3, the function of drawing
- easy to create and maintain documentation
The repeated use of existing documents and intelligence
- automatic naming of all types of symbols
- processing sub - including the symbol name separate reference
The circuit, where the symbol name automatic update
- update or contact mirror cross reference
And replace the symbolic function: in the design of the program or page, according to a separate symbol
Dealing with multilayer wiring terminals - electrical diagram, diagram and list of appearance
- assembly - right can choose to "point" connection drawing mode display
- counting function
- graph function
- Mobile symbol or area, the wire will be closed automatically
Automatic connection: arrangement of symbols, automatically draw wire
- alignment, spacing, and pruning function
Jump and bus connection.
Smart reference instructions: change the design and integration of program files also play a role.
Design inspection
4, PLC
PLC reference symbols
Automatic PLCI/O addressing
Automatic update PLC reference symbols
And import / export PLCI/O files to / from the principle diagram such as the /Microsoft Excel file and the PLC configuration tool through the integration of electronic data - such as SimaticET200S
5 installation
And import / export DWG/DXF files (OpenDWG members)
And when drawing height coordinates display for 2D or 3D map
6, parts diagram
The appearance and layout of pages and pages of architectural plans
- measurement object
The drawing layer contains.
- Design of control board, control board layout will be automatically generated
Based on the control panel layout, automatically draw the line diagram
7, revision control, password, etc.
It was suggested that the revision control and revision
File password protection
- Translation of the text in the page design
- handle OLE objects
OLE automation program: to create their own applications

Installation instructions:

1, Xiao Bian brought the PCschematic15 version has built-in patch, run the "PCSCHEMATIC_Automation40_UK18.exe" installation can be completed according to the prompt

2, after the installation is completed, the finished patch folder and copy the contents to the software installation directory cover source file

3, open the PCschematic15 desktop shortcut, click on the "Settings" - "Settings"

In 4, Language in the selection of "CN" can switch Chinese interface
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