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Zhong Wang 3D 2017 cracked version 32 /64 simplified Chinese version with crack tutorial

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2017-10-24
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Zhong Wang 3D 2017 cracked version 32 /64 simplified Chinese version with crack tutorial
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This lightning brings 3D 2017 It is the latest version of Zhong Wang 3D series software. It is also the only CAD/CAM software with complete independent intellectual property rights in China, which integrates functional modules such as "surface modeling, solid modeling, mold design, assembly, sheet metal, engineering drawing, 2-5 axis machining", and covers the whole process of product design and development. The new version provides users with intelligent and efficient experience in product design, product verification, and product manufacturing process, including perfectly compatible all three-dimensional data, supporting fast and efficient design of various complex sheet metal parts, supporting integration of 2D and 3D, integrating CAD with CAD, and easily realizing interconversion design of 2/3 graphics and other functions. It can be widely applied to manufacturing, mold, parts and other manufacturing industries.

 Zhong Wang 3D2017 registration machine 32/64 official website free version

Function introduction

Zhong Wang 3D 2017 official package includes all functions of standard edition, professional edition and full version. All functions are installed by default. All functions in the probation period are available (except for the APP application of the third party). After the trial period, the version type is determined by the activation code type. After 30 years of dedicated technology research and development, software has become a continuous choice for users in more than 16 countries worldwide to integrate 3D CAD/CAM solutions, which can truly help enterprises upgrade from creativity to manufacturing.
Zhong Wang 3D 2017 is divided into Standard Version, professional edition and full version. The functions of the three are different:
Standard Version:
(1) it can satisfy users' daily review of all 3D drawings.
(2) to satisfy users' complex product modeling, sheet metal and parts assembly design.
(3) reverse engineering design for docking 3D copy.
Professional Edition:
(1) contains all functions of the standard version.
(2) to meet all kinds of all 3D plastic mold design, die casting, stamping and other mold design.
Full version:
(1) contains all functions of standard version and professional edition.
(2) to satisfy the whole 3D mold design and processing integration process.
(3) to meet all kinds of 2 axis, 3 axis mold processing, parts machining.

Introduction of Zhong Wang 3D 2017 new functions

1, perfectly compatible with all three-dimensional data.
It is compatible with all kinds of 3D software formats, quickly captures design intent, and enables free editing of all kinds of 3D data.
2, 3D modeling is free and efficient.
Hybrid modeling can stimulate the creativity and imagination of designers, and do three-dimensional design and surface design.
3. Part sheet metal mixed design, fast and flexible.
Support the rapid and efficient design of various complex sheet metal parts
Easy to realize elastic deformation and plastic deformation, for sheet metal parts processing and mold design. Saving time and development cost
4. Support the integration of 2D and 3D.
With the depth of CAD integration, easy to realize 2/3 dimensional drawings mutual transformation, design, drawing without worry.
4, truly achieve CAD/CAE/CAM integration
Seamless integration with CAE software, supporting 2-5 axis machining, truly realizing CAD/CAE/CAM integration from product design, product verification, product manufacturing.

Zhong Wang 3D 2017 crack installation method

1, first download the official version of 3D 2017, including 32 and 64 version two, and choose the installation according to their own computers.
2, here Xiaobian choose 64 installation.

3, at this point, users should choose the version of 3D 2017, including Standard Version, professional edition, full version, Lite version, 2 axis machining, 3 axis machining, full module, etc., please choose installation according to need; besides, optional modules can also be checked by themselves.

4, acceptance clause;

5, installation path, users can choose to install according to needs;

6, are being installed, please be patient.

7, if the installation of 360 security guards pop-up prompts, please allow;

8, Zhong Wang 3D 2017 is successfully installed.

9. Here is the trial activation code. Users can enter the mailbox to get 30 days free period.

10, you can get an activation code by landing the mailbox.

11, after the trial period, users can use the crack patch provided by the station to crack, and copy the patch to the software installation directory.
The general default installation directory is [C:\Program Files\ZWSOFT\ZW3D 2017 Chs (x64)].
12, run the patch again and click Yes to activate normal cracking.

13. Open the software. Look at the 3D 2017 interface as follows:

Zhong Wang 3D has eight advantages

1, super strong 3D data compatibility
It is fully compatible with STP, IGS, x_t and other intermediate formats, and can directly transform other 3D software files to ensure that 3D data reuse is accessible.
2, free modeling, efficient design.
Based on hybrid modeling technology, it is capable of modeling complex surfaces, and free interaction between entity and surface design. Parametric modeling and non participation modeling are combined to help you achieve various 3D modeling ideas.
3, rich standard parts library
It provides multi standard parts library and mainstream standard parts, supports self-made parts library, and improves drawing efficiency of common parts.
4, intelligent plastic mold design
Intelligent, standard whole process plastic mold design, providing one-stop mold design solutions from design to processing.
5. Integration of 2D and 3D
With the depth of CAD integration, easy to achieve 2/3 dimensional drawings mutual transformation, design, drawing no worries.
6, CAD/CAE/CAM integration
Seamless integration with CAE, supporting 2-5 axis machining, and truly achieving CAD/CAE/CAM integration from product design, product validation to product manufacturing.
7, learning is easy to use.
The original Show-n-Tell learning system helps enterprises to easily inherit design experience and create an internal learning system. At the same time, it provides door-to-door training, online training, tutorial learning and other multi-dimensional three-dimensional teaching, easy to get started.
8, super high cost performance, maximize the cost of saving.
Ensure that the same price performance is the best, the same price performance is the strongest, and the price is equivalent to the 1/5 of foreign software.
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