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Nine life Android version Demo beta

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2016-11-26
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Nine life Android version Demo beta
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"Nine lives" It is a Chinese independent action role playing game, using pixel style pictures, and the game scenes are also full of Chinese style. In the story setting, there are certain science fiction elements in the game. The player's role is involved in a struggle on the back of amnesia. This release of the nine life Android version is Demo version, like friends come to download it!

Nine life game background:

The story takes place in the near future. Human productivity has been able to achieve the ability to create artificial human beings and implant memories, while artificial life is limited and sent to perform low-level and dangerous work. Every death will kill away memories.

This should be set up as a career cleaner (killer) sent to Chinatown to carry out the task of eliminating a gang leader. Li Ergou, who was unconscious due to a traffic accident, wakes up the task of remembering several previous deaths but has forgotten it. Therefore, the two Li dog, who is unaware of the truth, finds himself in a very dangerous position. He has a strong desire to survive and reflect on the value of his existence.

Nine life game features:

The combination of science fiction and Chinese style

Pixel type RPG

Multiple motion elements

Nine life game Demo version:

The scene has only one frame at the moment, and players can give valuable advice to the author.

Author address link:

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