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Super commander tour 1.1.5 official website version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2017-09-28
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Super commander tour 1.1.5 official website version
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The super commander is a modern military strategy hand tour with special war themes. The player will play the commanding force of the high intelligence quotient, command the special elite soldiers under his command, complete an impossible task, and launch the ultimate strategy against the enemy and other players. The game has a vast map of the world and rich resources of minerals, tens of thousands of players will be in the alliance and duel. Easy to handle operations, wits and brave fighting processes, and the peak of hand games strategy games.

 Super commander tour 1.0.0 official website version

Game features

[strategy match, Jedi counterattack]

The connotation of the game covers many types of special forces, including machine guns, rocket soldiers, snipers, and shields. Each unit has different combat attributes, range, defense and injury. Different combinations of forces produce different combat effectiveness, thus enhancing the game's strategic play, allowing players to adjust their formations according to enemy's array. The restraint of different arms will bring some unexpected results to you. You can achieve the goal of defeating the enemy by small and broad, absolute counterattack through these strategies. Get a very strong sense of accomplishment.

[special training, arms upgrading]

There is a whole set of special forces training system in the game. You can recruit special forces from the world through military training, recruit special forces, and gradually train them to attack the city. Different levels of arms can also be upgraded for training, so that you can gradually enhance the strength of their own arms, and display great strength in the global battlefield.

[Legion sports, resource grabbing]

As the saying goes, the army did not move and the grain and grass went ahead. Sufficient resources are always the most solid backing for the powerful legions, and the acquisition of resources in the game is also fun. They can build minerals at home and experience the daily self-sufficiency of farms. It can also attack mines and other player bases around the world, plunder resources and rapidly expand its strength.

[core equipment, advanced machinery]

As a powerful special force, there is no strong weapon. The game is equipped with a variety of weapons and equipment library for you, you can independently match your own special forces with suitable weapons, and equipment can be upgraded gradually to meet your growing needs. Take up your weapon and show your strength.

Comment on Xiaobian

To show the game's exquisite special forces design and fierce fighting against terrorism, with the game's rich play, as far as possible to restore the thrilling feeling of modern counter-terrorism. Watch CG level video games and lead you into the world of super commanders.



The game is not online yet! Please be patient!

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