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The name of your Chinese novel version TXT full version

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 The name of your Chinese novel version TXT full version
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 The name of your Chinese novel version TXT full version Your name's Chinese version txt download (a total of eight chapters including the ending), "your name" the original novel Chinese version is listed in December, the original novel "your name. "Rumor" and your name Another Side:Earthbound "Chinese version to determine listed in late December, with a poster. I want to buy it, you can take a look at the official website of the Taiwan bookstores.

 The name of your Chinese novel version TXT full version

Your name is TXT

Japanese Name: Prince of Name:

Name: the name of the prince?

Author: Xin

Translation: d830700061

For personal study exchange, banned for commercial purposes

Please respect the translation, saotu hard work, please keep the

Your name film

The continuation of the supervision of each frame are new Haicheng style wallpaper.

Painting supervision is Ando Masashi, representative of "Princess Mononoke" spirited away ", the powerful combination of the industry's top figures.

Look before a little worried about the recent Japanese animation industry because of the large influx of funds China become very impetuous, but saw the beginning I don't have any doubt, every second is breathtaking, every second visual enjoyment.

In addition, when other names in the viewfinder of the cartoon also pretend, this appeared in a large number of real geographic information, and even to the traffic way (like, so intimate) can be expected to make a great contribution to the local tourism industry.

I have found several sites I work are passing by!

It seems sincere brother really love to find occasional Shinjuku framing, ah ha ha ha!

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