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Nanjing Aerospace NC simulation software 4.0.3 cracked version

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  • Update Date: 2016-11-26
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Nanjing Aerospace NC simulation software 4.0.3 cracked version
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 Nanjing Aerospace NC simulation software 4.0.3 cracked version
Nanjing Aerospace numerical control simulation software 4.0.3 cracked version is developed by Nanjing Aerospace Automation Technology Research Institute, FANUC, SIEMENS system numerical control vehicle, CNC milling and machining center simulation teaching software, combined with the actual manufacturing experience of machine tool manufacturers and universities (including Career Technical College secondary professional schools, technical schools and vocational schools) teaching and training integrated development. Through this software, students can achieve the purpose of physical operation training and greatly reduce the expensive equipment investment.

 Nanjing Aerospace NC simulation software 4.0.3 cracked version

Cracking installation instructions

When you install, you will prompt the input serial number, and you can just type in. After installation, copy all folders under the "cracked file" folder to your installation directory, and then use the old files to run normally.

Official introduction of Nanjing Aerospace numerical control simulation software

The software has all functions of FANUC and SIEMENS system. By operating the software on PC, the student can operate FANUC, SIEMENS system numerical control vehicle, CNC milling and machining center in a very short time. It can be manually or programmed and processed. The teacher can monitor the window rolling control through the network teaching, and can get student information at any time. The software is widely compatible and can be used on most CNC devices in China.

The software has the size of machine tools, and can define the shape of tools and cutting parameters. For example, drill bits, boring knives, ball nose knives, corner knives, NC lathe external garden knives, boring knives, cutting knives and screwed knives, can be used for real-time monitoring of machining trajectories and size settings, and also can be used for measuring and preserving window operations on machine shape display screens with door closing protection. At present, similar software products have not been found in China. In order to promote the teaching development of manufacturing engineering training, the software has been launched for the first time in two OO year in Suzhou six provinces and one city in China.

Functional characteristics

First, the machine tool interface: solid machining parts can be simulated, and 3D dynamic cutting process can be simulated in real time.

Two, programming interface: according to the parts drawings, students can program by themselves or CAD/CAM design.

Three, operation panel interface:
It has a return to base point.
Fast moving.
Handwheel pulse generator.
Manual input function.
Circulation function.
Editing program function.
Program input machine function.
Manual feed rate adjustment switch.
Spindle speed multiplying switch.
Program single step, program cycle.
Spindle rotation.
The spindle stops.
Emergency stop protection switch.
The machine tool locks the switch.
Air operated switch.
Selector switch.

Including system introduction

Frank system: Fanuc0MD, Fanuc0TD, Fanuc0i-M, Fanuc0i-T, Fanuc18i-M, Fanuc18i-T,
SIEMENS system: Siemens 810D-M, Siemens 810D-T, Siemens 802D-M, Siemens 802D-T, Siemens 802S-M, Siemens 802S-T,
Huazhong CNC system: Huazhong century star HNC21-M, HNC21-T,
Guangzhou CNC system: GSK-990M, GSK-980T, GSK-928MA, GSK-928TC,
Da Sen CNC system: DASEN 3I-M, DASEN 3I-T,
Emperor Kaine KND system: KND100-M, KND100-T,
MITSUBISHI system: EZMotion-nc E60-M, EZMotion-nc E60-T

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