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(open source storage NAS operating system) 11 official version

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  • Update Date: 2017-09-15
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (open source storage NAS operating system) 11 official version
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  (open source storage NAS operating system) 9.10 official version
is a widely recognized open source free NAS operating system. It can instantly turn an ordinary desktop into a multi-functional NAS server. Not only for enterprise file sharing, but also for home media center. supports multiple sharing protocols, including SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP, WebDAV, iSCSI, FTP/TFTP, RSync and so on.

  (open source storage NAS operating system) 9.10 official version

Official introduction

(pronunciation free. NAS [free-n s]) is an open source free professional operation system specially designed to build NAS (Network Attached Storage) server. can easily turn a plain desktop into a storage server. It is based on FreeBSD development and authorized to publish in BSD License, mainly running on x86-64 architecture. supports Windows, OS X and Unix clients, as well as a large number of virtualized hosts, such as XenServer and VMware, which support CIFS, AFP, NFS, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, and file sharing and transmission protocols.

  (open source storage NAS operating system) 9.10 official version

uses ZFS file system to store, manage and protect data. ZFS provides advanced functions such as lightweight snapshots, compression and deduplication. The data can be incrementally backed up to other devices, with less bandwidth occupied, which can effectively help the system transfer from the failure.

The history of projects can be traced back to October 2005, developed by Olivier Cochard-Labb e based on m0n0wall Embedded Firewall and FreeBSD 6. In July 2006, Volker Theile joined the project team and became a project leader in April 2008. In 2010, the project was officially purchased by iXsystems. Fortunately, it did not become a closed source commercial software. It was still open source free, because the project was fully maintained by the technical team of the commercial company. Compared with the pure community developed open source software, had stronger technical support.

Characteristics of

Support file sharing and transmission protocols such as CIFS, AFP, NFS, iSCSI, SSH, Rsync, WebDAV and FTP/TFTP.
Support Active Directory and LDAP for user authentication and manual user and user group creation;
Support UFS2 volume creation and import, including gmirror, gstripe and graid3 (note that 9.3 version no longer supports UFS)
Support for creating and importing ZFS storage pools, as well as many functions that UFS2 does not support, such as storage quota, snapshot, data compression, data duplication, disk replacement, etc.
Support for extensions through third party plug-ins; (BT download transmission, cloud SkyDrive owncloud, synchronous backup btsync, media center plexmediaserver, etc.)
Double boot partition, upgrade process to update the system to inactive partition, and can be recovered from failed update. (note that 9.3 version is a multi boot partition, which can roll back and forth between multiple system versions).
Support email system notification;
The management interface based on Django is managed by browser.
Support for secure disk replacement, automatic ZFS snapshot, ZFS garbage cleaning, planning tasks, etc., can be operated in graphical interfaces.
Multi lingual support (Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and more than 20 languages)
Manage SMART monitor, UPS and so on in graphical interface.
Support USB 3;
Support Windows ACLs and UNIX file system access control;
ZFS regular snapshots can view shadow copies in Windows.
Support TMUX;

supported plug-ins

Bacula network backup service
Synchronous application of BitTorrent Sync peer to peer file
CouchPotato movie Downloader
Crashplan backup system
CrucibleWDS Windows delivery solution
Firefly media server
Gamez video game Downloader
HTPC-Manager graphical HTPC Software Manager
LazyLibrarian e-book Downloader
Maraschino XBMC HTPC network interface
MediaBrowser media server
MineOS Minecraft server
Mylar comics Downloader
Owncloud private cloud storage server
Plex media server
S3cmd Amazon S3 backup tool
Sabnzbd news reader
Sickbeard PVR for newsgroup usersSubsonic (media server)
Syncthing file synchronization tool
Transmission BT client
XDM eXtendable Downloader

common application scenarios

Family and enterprise file sharing
Providing back-end storage for virtualization services
Construction of audio-visual media center and DLNA equipment


VMware - "Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge, Consumer" - Project of the Month, January 2007
InfoWorld -- best open source storage

minimum configuration requirements

64-bit x86 processor CPU
8GB memory
8GB U disk
A hard disk for data storage
Wired network card (not supporting wireless network card)
A computer with in the same LAN environment (through browser management )

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