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Codecs for Windows 7/8/10 video audio decoder 11.0.0 official version

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  • Update: 2019-01-17
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Codecs for Windows 7/8/10 video audio decoder 11.0.0 official version
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Codecs for Windows 7/8/10 video decoder is a first audio video decoder design for Windows. Setup can be automated will popular codec installed, do not need any settings and adjustments can be used Windows Player or Media Media Center for your media files. Codecs does not include the player does not take the initiative to associated file types, you can play video / audio using any media player, also support the current mainstream formats of online streaming media, you can play video in any browser directly.

Functional characteristics

Supports the following formats: AMR, MPC, ofr, DivX, MKA, ape, FLAC, Evo, flv, m4b, MKV, Ogg, OGV, OGM, RMVB, xvid.

software function

1. Full color including FLV and 10bit MKV thumbnail.
(also allows the user to select the thumbnail grab at what point percentage)
2. All the new preview pane file types such as MKV, FLV.
3. Property manager resources are displayed as non-native file types such as MKV, FLV
4. Regularly update and update the built-in notification
5. Allow 32 LiveTV media center using PowerDVD decoder.
6. Support MKV file extension and Xbox One.
7. The LAV filter and the MKV file to support the use of a function.
8. The Department of defense of the audio file and the M4A file contains ALAC support
9. Support the use of the media center to create playlists
10. Allows the user to enable / disable codecs installed in their system.
11. The built-in function such as win7dsfiltertweaker.
12. "Add support to Windows media player list" use right click on all the files, such as MKV.

Set the application is 100% UAC compatible.
Restricted access is enforced. (user account control)
The application allows each user to maintain personal settings in the codec while seamlessly integrated with any administrative commands directly into the user account. The new user account, open the application automatically inherit the administrator set detection.

This installation will enable intuitive video files to describe the hidden file extension.

Add files to the Windows media player playlist

In the "help" tab in the settings app is a button that lets you select the file type association Windows media player. If you use this button, you can be related to the new file, Windows media player list as described below. If for some reason, this is not for you, go back to the "button, click" no association two times continuously, then choose. No need to restart.


This is an audio file, such as FLAC, ape or musepack.

The codec is a problem, most users at one time or another. This is because the solution is not a "box", general computer users can install and just have to work right from the start. A package of solutions there are several decent codec there, but didn't do everything I want. I have been adjusted in adjustment, even just to let me re install codec and most of the time, the file still didn't play well. This is the frustration I started making codecpack, and all the players on the basis of.


Win10Codecs 32\64 v10.9.4 update log (2019-01-04)
1, update the LAV filter 0.73.1
2, update the MPC-BE filter
3, update MediaInfo DLL
4, update Icaros 3.1.0 Final
5, update the x265vfw v281 encoder (8 bit encoding)
Update MPC-BE filter
Update MPC-BE filter

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