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The bullet wounds (Bullet Sorrow) official version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2016-12-03
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The bullet wounds (Bullet Sorrow) official version
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 The bullet wounds (Bullet Sorrow) official version

"Bullet Sorrow VR" (bullet wounds) is a FPS shooting game of VR, has a cool battle scenes and bullet time effect. Game player will play a leading role with the ability to control the time, the guards, you need to face a group of enemies alone, use the weapon in your hand to blaze a new trail, and find the protagonist lost memories. The game will continue with the development of the story to show the game player a new gaming experience, love sci-fi shooting style VR game friends may wish to try!


Bullet Sorrow VR story:

2030 years, the mysterious weapon S rise, the company's products and customers has been a mystery. The protagonist, S woke up from somewhere in the base, found his memory loss and get a control of time. Fortunately, around a girl named Nova mystery under the assistance of the protagonist broke through the enemy's siege. Now the leading task is very simple, is completely into the depths of S, and find their own identity and memory. The biggest secret S company also started slowly.

Bullet Sorrow VR features:

1, the stunning bullet time effect

The imagination of the sci-fi first person shooter sensory stimulation, we refined the VR game in the smooth cool time stagnation effect, the course of the game you can experience in the fast pace of the absolute "quiet", this contrast almost felt a bit like the moment of meditation.

2, the fast pace of dodge and shooting

The enemy AI and action for the optimization of large scale, found that will make the game player in the same battle to take a completely different attack and evasive tactics. Game player can also make full use of all the bunkers in the scene, in which switching operations.

3, the most hardcore shooting effect

Join the Unreal Engine 4 most advanced physical collision and physical crushing effect, experience the refreshing feeling against the hitherto unknown virtual reality; details true; for the real core shooter game player.

Bullet Sorrow VR configuration:

Operating system: WIN7

Processor: I7 4570

Memory: 8192 MB RAM

Graphics: Geforce gtx970

DirectX version: 11

Storage space: 920 MB of free space

Sound card: 10.59
 The bullet wounds (Bullet Sorrow) official version

Bullet Sorrow VR installation:

Starting the game or the game that shut down antivirus software decompression, to prevent the manslaughter free DVD file.

1, using WINRAR software to the hard disk decompression game

2, start the game

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